The Divine Feminine

Jung and the Divine Feminine

An eight week college-level course

This course is an ideal resource for anyone – men or women – who would like to learn more about the methods of C.G. Jung and how he understood the role of the divine feminine in the individual psyche as well as in the broader culture.

This course includes one free class plus eight full modules with resources and further learning opportunities available through our online learning platform, Successfully complete all of the assignments in the online learning platform and earn a certificate of completion!

Attendees may also simply audit the course,
without needing to complete assignments for credit

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“I would say the goddess energy is trying to save us. If we go on with our power tactics, we're going to destroy the earth. That's why we haven't got a long time to evolve. We're either going to make a leap in consciousness or we aren't going to be here. Sophia, Shakti, by whatever name we call her, is that wisdom deep down in all matter, pushing her way into consciousness, one way or another."

(Marion Woodman, Conscious Femininity, p. 97).

Much of the moral and ethical bankruptcy that we encounter in the contemporary world can be traced back to the loss of what Western rationality has typically described as feminine values. Warmth, feeling, gentleness, kindness, contentment, serenity, these are not specifically nor exclusively feminine qualities, yet they are typically excluded from descriptions of the masculine. This is an historical Western cultural issue, but it has begun to reach a tipping point in contemporary culture. Although steeped in Victorian and European patriarchal cultural values, Carl Jung recognized and championed the need for a new appreciation and integration of feminine values into the contemporary world.

In this course we’ll look at how classical Jungian psychology understands the importance of the divine, or archetypal feminine in the context of individual as well as cultural development. Through his appreciation of myth, folk tales, and non-rational way of discovering meaning, Jung was able to recognize the value of ways of understanding the world that have largely been displaced by the values of contemporary patriarchal culture. We will explore Jung’s psychological theory, and why mythical expressions of the divine feminine have such an important role to play for the individual and cultural development of both men and women in the modern world. 


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Participants will take part in eight weekly classes, plus one free introductory class

Start time for each live event is 1pm Pacific Time (4pm Eastern Time) 90 min
(Each class will be recorded for future viewing)

Free! Jung and the Divine Feminine: Introduction – Free! – Saturday, March 2
Module 1: The Feminine in Jung’s Psychology – Saturday, March 9
Module 2: The Feminine as Archetype – Saturday, March 16
Module 3: The Feminine as Inner Image – Saturday, March 23
Module 4: Feminine Rage – Saturday, March 30

No Class this week - Saturday, April 6 - Spring Break!

Module 5:The Feminine as Transformative Goddess – Saturday, April 13
Module 6:The Divine Feminine and the Sacred Marriage – Saturday, April 20
Module 7: The Divine Feminine in Christianity – Saturday, April 27
Module 8: The Divine Feminine in Contemporary Culture – Saturday, May 4

Participants will:

  • Have a basic understanding of Jung’s theory and the importance for both men and women of relating to values represented by the divine feminine as repreented in the myths and stories of many different cultures.
  • Learn some of the psychological implications of the cultural suppression of the divine feminine.
  • Have a basic understanding of Jung’s approach to gender and gender roles.
  • Discover a wealth of resources related to a Jungian understanding the divine feminine.
  • Learn how to apply Jung’s theory to understanding the role of the divine feminine in individual and cultural development.
  • Have an opportunity to complete a series of online assignments toward earning a certificate of completion through the Depth Psychology Academy.


Can't attend live? Each class will be recorded and made available to all registrants.

About Your Instructor
James R. Newell, PhD
Vanderbilt University

James Newell is an educator, counselor, personal coach, professional musician, and the director of the Depth Psychology Academy and the Depth Psychology Alliance. James earned his master’s degree in Pastoral Counseling and Theology from Vanderbilt University Divinity School, with a focus on Jungian psychology. He earned his doctorate in History of Religions from the Vanderbilt University Graduate School of Religion. James has taught online courses in world religions for Central Michigan University, Excelsior College, and other schools. For the past several years he has been developing a certification program in depth psychology offered through the Depth Psychology Academy.


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Click here to view a recording of the free class 

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