A New View On the Archetype

A seven week online course approaching the archetypes from a philosophical perspective (including free preview).

While for Jung archetypes were a psychological phenomenon, these lessons will take it one step further and explore their philosophical meaning.

The purpose is to teach you how the archetypes point towards questions such as that of the status of the human being, the essence of authority and power, love, the existential meaning of death and anxiety, and the difference between various forms of being.

We will distinguish between the archetype as a biological, a psychological, and a spiritual pattern, and discuss why this differentiation matters. Our horizon will be the present day world and some of its existential and political issues.  

Being the primary contexts of the archetype, myths and fairy tales are the other subject areas of this course. We will discover both as genres of the absurd. Rather than taking this absurdity as an utterance of superstition, or an expression of meaninglessness, we will analyze it as a pointer to the depth and meaning of existence.

It is also through myth that the archetype shows us what destiny is, and how we can navigate the challenges of life in the light of this. Older tales will be compared to their modern counterparts in art, movies, literature, and music, from Orpheus and Eurydice to The Silence of the Lambs.

About the Instructor

Uljana Akca is a philosopher based in Stockholm, Sweden. She has a PhD in philosophy from the University of Freiburg in Germany, with the dissertation To Hold out Belonging. Identity and Difference in a Heideggerian Critique of Butler and Hegel.  

Since 2016, her research areas have included themes usually associated with analytical (Jungian) psychology, such as archetypes, myths, and fairy tales. She quickly realized that there are few modern, critical-philosophical accounts of these topics. This course runs parallel to an ongoing research project.

She has published a dozen magazine articles in Swedish and English, held talks at philosophy conferences around Europe, and has several years of experience in teaching her own real life philosophy course at the Folk University of Stockholm, Sweden.

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The Philosophy of Myth and Archetypes (thinkific.com)

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