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This is a call to all Jungian, Archetypal, and Depth Psychology thinkers and writers. 

Publisher is preparing a book that looks at the occupy movement from Jungian, archetypal and depth psychological perspectives.  Some questions might include:

• What collective myth is being lived through Occupy Movement?  

• What does Occupy tell us about the state of the collective world psyche?

• Is Occupy indicative of a constellated collective (or cultural) complex?

• What observations can we make about world consciousness, national consciousness, and cultural consciousness by amplifying the Occupy movement?

• How would we analyze Occupy if it were a dream?

• Why Occupy now?

• What unites social media and Occupy?

We intend to include long and short essays, thoughts, and hopefully some pieces that interweave personal experience with thoughtful analysis.  Essays should demonstrate a sophisticated understanding of archetypal thinking, but should be written in a fun, conversational tone that would appeal to both seasoned scholars and those who are only just beginning to delve into Jungian thought. 
Proposals from scholars, analysts, students, or anyone generally familiar with Jungian thought are welcome.
Interested authors should submit a 200-500 word proposal to by Nov. 30 that includes: 
  1. A possible title for your chapter.
  2. The basic thesis of your essay.
  3. A quick explanation of your argument. 
  4. Estimated page count. 
  5. Your name and contact information.
If the editors think your topic will compliment the book, you will be asked to produce your chapter QUICKLY. 
NOTE: This is a topical subject and our intention is to produce this book EXPEDITIOUSLY. Please submit ONLY if you think you can produce a quality piece of writing in a short time period.



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  • Please note--the deadine for proposals has been extended to December 15! You can still get yours in!

  • This is really cool, Jordan! Thanks so much for sharing it here in the community. I've also just posted it on the Call-For-Submissions page under "Offers & Opps": so interested individuals can also find it there as well.

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