"listening to the evidence from the apocalypse" by The Chaos Era. Sound Myth #7. Published by Willi Paul / Planetshifter.com

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sound storyboard - see post illustration

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Each archetypal discovery takes you deeper into the earth and further into the history of human technology

Each artifact is a separate strata or sound experience and a sub-track in the overall assemblage or sound myth

- archeological & sound artifacts -

+ exploding lithium battery

+toxic dna

+radioactive soils

+35 mm camera case

+gold pocket watch

+metal block press letters

+rifle barrel

* * * * * * *

- journey map -

Symbols: Shovel, Pick, Screen; Pawn Shops; Landfill

Environmental Archetypes: Urban disruption; Un-sustainability; Hording; Burying old technology

New Story: "The Hatch" by Willi Paul

Sound Archetype: World Trade Center Memorial - waterfalls and reflecting pools (NYC)

Sound Myth: "canción de iniciación de skull crane satellite" by Willi Paul


listening to the evidence from the apocalypse by The Chaos Era. Sound Myth #7. Published by Willi Paul - Planetshifter.pdf

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