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I wanted to share my latest interview--a fascinating topic indeed:

Bonnie Bright M.A. speaks with Gary Bobroff, M.A., (also a Depth Psychology Alliance member!) about his fascinating research into the phenomenon of crop circles and their connection to C.G. Jung and his archetypes. Join us to learn how the Mystery of the crop circles is a potential herald to the re-emergence of the archetypal feminine in the collective.

Gary Bobroff  has a degree in philosophy and an M.A. in Jungian-oriented Psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute. He has visited Crop Circles in the UK, Canada and the US. He is writer, therapist and workshop leader.

For centuries, Crop Circles have been a mysterious visitor arriving at our door. Recently we have scientifically identified that this phenomenon is no hoax, but something authentically unknown. Considering the science, history, and symbolic nature of this modern mystery, Bobroff offers a framework for the reader's own deeper consideration of Crop Circles.

Gary presents live at the San Francisco Bay Depth Psychology Alliance Meetup: Friday, March 23. Public welcome. Details/register (REGISTER by March 5 and your name will be entered in a drawing to win a FREE copy of Gary's book!)

Gary's web site: www.jungandcropcircles.net

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