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Dear community,

Like so many of us, I have been deeply concerned and saddened to see the destruction wrought by Hurricanes Harvey, Irma, and now Maria, which have devastated the lives of so many in the Caribbean and in the Southern U.S. 

am keenly aware of the many thousands who have been left homeless; who are running short on food and water; who are facing risk of illness or disease due to the desperate conditions; or those who have lost everything they had to raging winds and rising waters—especially in the Caribbean islands and the Florida keys, which were hit so hard. Equally, of course, many lives have been upended by the major earthquakes in Mexico.

While I hold those who are struggling and suffering in my heart and prayers, I find myself wishing to do something more concrete in the world in some small way to help make a difference.

For that reason, from September 15 to September 30, Depth Psychology Alliance will donate 50% of all proceeds from any purchase of the 12 depth dialogues from our symposium "Earth, Climate, Dreams: Depth Psychological Reflections in the Age of the Anthropocene," which took place earlier this year, to the American Red Cross.

The 12 dialogues may be accessed in a variety of forms, including video, audio, or written transcripts. I think they are particularly poignant and inspiring at this time, as they primarily focus on the nature-human-psyche relationship from a depth perspective. See below for details about the symposium dialogues/recordings, or click here to go straight to the site where you can access the content

If you have already acquired the "Earth, Climate, Dreams" depth dialogues and prefer to simply donate to the Red Cross directly, you may follow this link to their site:

Wishing you each peace, centeredness and the ability "hold" the events a soulful way. 

Bonnie Bright, Ph.D.

Founder, Depth Psychology Alliance



Over time, humans in western culture have undergone a profound restructuring of the psyche resulting in a traumatic sense of separation.

In modern day, we face a growing set of challenges on ecological and social fronts. Industrial development, technological advancement, consumerism and increasing populations combined with a tendency to value science and rational thought over tending nature are key contributors to the complex situation at hand.

The era of the Anthropocene--a term referring to the significant impact of human activity on the planet- has arrived.

The current crisis requires that we reflect on our situation from a depth psychological perspective, contemplating how we might tap into the underlying archetypal themes at work in the culture and begin to articulate them in ways that inspire and move us to personal and collective action

Access the "Earth, Climate, Dreams" content here

Read, listen to, or watch 12 different depth-oriented psychologists, scientists, educators, and scholars in conversation with Bonnie Bright PhD. as they discuss aspects of earth, climate, ecology, dreams, myth, and symbol and how they relevant to each of us in the modern age.



Jerome Bernstein

The Dominion Psyche, the Reciprocity Psyche and Borderland Consciousness: The Compensatory Thrust of the Collective Unconscious to Heal the Western Psyche's Suicidal Split from Wholeness  


Robert Romanyshyn

The Frankenstein Prophecies: The Untold Tale in Mary Shelley's Story


Susan Rowland

Remembering Dionysus: Revisioning Psychology and Literature in C.G. Jung and James Hillman


Susannah Benson

Navigating the Great Transition


Stephen Aizenstat

Dreams and the Animated Earth


Jeffrey Kiehl

Facing Climate Change through a Jungian Lens


Sally Gillespie

We Need to Talk about Climate Change-with Depth


Erel Shalit

The Human Soul in Transition at the Dawn of a New Era


Michael Conforti

The Role of Primary Narcissism in the Ecological Crisis


Jonathan Paul Marshall

Depth Ecology and Climate Change


Veronica Goodchild

Dreams, Synchronicities, and our Relationship to the Earth


Nancy Swift Furlotti

Revisiting the Well at the Dawn of Life: Teachings of the Maya

View Presenter bios here



The Earth, Climate, Dreams™ initiative emerged from a small group of Depth Psychology Alliance members who are passionate about the topics and who strive to find new ways of holding and collaborating with the material and the topic. Initially visioned by Bonnie Bright, Susannah Benson, and Sally Gillespie, they were quickly joined by Robert Romanyshyn, Veronica Goodchild, Jeffrey Kiehl, and Jonathan Marshall.

 Access the "Earth, Climate, Dreams" dialogues/content here

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