I am currently working on my associates degree. I want to major in Depth Psychology but many of the universities I have come across are all graduate schools.
Does anyone have any advice on where to go for undergraduate school? I don't think there are depth psychology bachelor programs I can attend.. but I may be wrong.

I know there are different sub groups of psychology. What type of psychology did you major in when you went for your bachelors degree?

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  • There was no such BA in my area so I went the BA in Psychology, MA in Marriage & Family Therapy (good to know about systemics - have been helpful during my MA/PhD at Pacifica) route. In my senior year of the BA I was able to pick my own theoretical position and do independent study. Checking out a psychology program that allows such freedom would be good but you might want to check to see what the psychology department profs think about Jungian/archetypal stuff. Cognitive/behavioral, experimental, educational seem to be the predominant fields catching funding and support. Good luck finding a program. What area of the country are you in?
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