Saying sorry to the Mother..7/28/15 Call

I wasn't sure if I should post this as a new discussion or as a part of Jesse's posts. Is it somehow connected with our work? Our call? I don't know yet...

I spoke on last night's call about the synchronicities happening here around this shaman, etc. Donna spoke of 9/11 and healing work for her ancestors. Well, this morning, the shaman came back to the house to work. The energy in this house is off kilter, as well as in Telluride, which I think I mentioned yesterday. He is here to help shift it at the house. He said this was a special place for the Natives, you can see the entire valley from here, and the house was built on top of it. The energies now are fragmented, not to mention the NA ancestors a bit upset about this. He took us into the basement apt and the woman who lives there has statues of women in birdcages. He said this energy has to be shifted.

I came upstairs and overheard a conversation between the workmen about 9/11. I knew something more was going on. Remembered Donna's sharing about her ancestral healing. I realized we had to apologize to the NA ancestors for this house being here.

Then I thought about how the Mother is portrayed as having this angry, vengeful side and a loving side. I myself went through a phase of struggle with the depth of rage I touched on, which fortunately seems to have passed. I wondered about saying we're sorry to the Mother, Earth, soul, for having rejected, repressed, ignoring her needs, Her? Just like Donna did and we are having to do tonight for the NA's and now I'm thinking we need to include the Mother.

I mentioned in last night's call that the negative energy here in T-ride is around grief of the lost mother. Now I can see there needs to be healing work around that here, but also wondered about in the group. Especially since it is coming up for both Donna and I. There seems to be a disconnect for some of us around abundance and that is the domain of the Mother. Then Jesse and the weather, too much sun, here and there.  Feels like something big is brewing...

Would love to hear thoughts and responses from anyone who has any insights.....

I did have one idea about doing a ceremony in the group about healing the connection with the Mother/Soul and saying we're sorry.

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  • Pamela, thank you for sharing this with us last night.

    You comment then and here I am very curious about:  "There seems to be a disconnect for some of us around abundance and that is the domain of the Mother."  Would love to see this explored some more in a future group. I'm learning how to embrace abundance in a good way (including money) without feeling guilt and/or there is something wrong with the desire to make money. Very conflicted, as I think my ancestors were. Does anyone else feel challened with this area?

    • I just watched a video on DPA that Julie mentioned. I think you might be interested. It's called Time is Art.

    • Thanks  Pamela (and Julie) for keeping this video on my radar. I have info down and plan to watch this next week when I have a bit more time...Blessings, D

    • Your welcome Donna,

      My sense is that we are innately supported by life. Think of how synchronicities work. What mechanism creates that and why? Wouldn't it just make sense that we are supported in all ways to do soul work? To me it seems so logical and yet I have yet to fully embody this idea, though I am trying. It seems to me like it also concerns trust. Trusting instead of a person, or a job, life to support me in tremendous good. I feel like I could just relax into an ease if I resided in this state of consciousness.

      My ancestors on one side struggled financially and specifically with flight, 5 of the men on my maternal side wanted to be pilots and never were. The paternal side has money but was fearful around it. So, issues on both sides in different ways. At times in my life I have had tremendous abundance and then the opposite, being homeless for a short period. I find the subject very curious. My boyfriend makes money so easily, it takes very little effort for him to reap great financial reward. I am trying to learn from him that it can be easy.

      I would love to explore the subject more in the group.

      My comment re:it being the domain of the Mother...if all the world is soul, and that is the divine feminine, matter being mater/mother...the idea being that all needs are met by the mother, we just don't realize it. I have said to my boyfriend at times, "If we measured abundance based on gifts, then I am unbelievably wealthy." He agreed. I am an artist, poet, writer, sing, dance, paint, draw, do dreamwork, etc. All of which I came into after turning 30.

    • Yes, let us have a conversation about this on an upcoming group.  I feel it is important.

      I agree with your boyfriend, you are weatlthy in so many ways! I feel this for me, too. I also want to feel it is OK to be more like your boyfriend, able to receive more financial flow in my life. Although not a Catholic, I was raised by one. My favorite saint is St. Francis, who gave up "worldly wealth" and took a vow of poverty. Thus, this internal conflict that tending soul and spirituality is somehow at odds with money (I nearly choked as I wrote this, want to change it to "prosperity" - more acceptable to me). I know lots of therapists who stay within agencies of various sorts so they don't have to deal with money - someone else handles this part -so  that they can be above this conversation (trust me, I was there for years and years, the reason it took so long for me to leave my county job).

      I also appreciate you recognizing that some of your challenges in this area could be ancestral. I think this is true for me, too. There were cycles of great poverty and then wealth when I was growing up (fisherman's daughter). I am told that my paternal great grandfather was a land speculator, would buy up parcels of land, then sale them. My maternal grandfather's family was very wealthy, lost everything in the 1929 crash. Of course, all grandparents lived through the "great depression" - were hit hard by these events.

      My parents seemed, too, to have a reverse snobbery:  they poo-pooed anything that was associated with wealth (ie, champagne/caviar, higher education, classical music, art, to name a few). At times it was hard to tell who had their nose higher in the air, my parents or the wealthy whom they often belittled.  All this, mind you, while being very hard workers, striving to make ever more money (geez, no wonder I am conflicted!).

      Well, enough for now. Thanks again for your thoughts - thanks, too, for the reminder about Julie's link...Blessings, D

    • This is so interesting Donna, about therapists...

      I so thank you for sharing the ancestral aspect with me, since I also have the exact same situation in my family. They rejected those with wealth as selfish. When I was married, we had money, and my mother said I was selfish. My sister was like what are you talking about?The projection got thrown onto me.

      All my gp's lived through the depression as well. My maternal grandmother seemed to be most affected. How then do we move through this? Hmmmm...

  • Pamela,

    Has anyone inquired whether you might be available to lead the meeting this Tuesday Aug 11th? I hope you are available as I am looking forward to seeing what you want to energize around.

    • Yes, Jesse, thank you so much for checking in with me on this. I did hear about it and am currently simmering on an approach:) I was curious as to whether you have any other thoughts about a comment you made on the last call I attended regarding a presentation around my book. I am always interested in ideas....

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