“Barn Dance Media Center” (BDMC). “Integrated Accelerator for the Permaculture & Transition Movement” - Vision by Willi Paul, NewMythologist.com

‘A barn dance is any kind of dance involving traditional or folk music with traditional dancing, occasionally held in a barn, but, these days, much more likely to be in any suitable building. The term “barn dance” is usually associated with family-oriented or community-oriented events, usually for people who do not normally dance. A barn dance can be a Ceilidh, with traditional Irish or Scottish dancing. However, a barn dance can also feature square dancing, Contra dancing, or any other kind of dancing, often with a live band and a Caller.’

Download the pdf version of Barn Dance!

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Step One

[A] Review Site plan, second floor plan and elevation drawings

[B] Review Integrated Features List:

Second Floor Barn

• Three Main Stages: electronic sound; theatre / storytelling; graphic arts / video
• Audience participation (workshop / teaching / improve)
• Production engineering booth; IT / Broadband; Web production booth
• Arena Screens (4)
• Four bleacher sections

First Floor Barn

• Café
• Exhibit space
• Computer lab
• Indoor / Outdoor classroom
• Storage

On the Grounds

• Outdoor Concert Stage and seating
• Seed library
• Food Forest Research Lab
• Indoor / Outdoor classroom
• Aquaponics
• Tool Shed
• Composting

Step Two – Experience Three User Scenarios

Big Barn Scenario One -
A group of permie artists from Willits, CA have brought script ideas, stills and vision to make three video lesson plans for an online skills course. They camp-out in the audience pit and direct the production with the video, web techs and the house band. All is captured live on the four arena-sized screens. BDMC is integrated production house with organic produce from the food forest and outdoor concert space to play and teach live and raise funds for all.

Big Barn Scenario Two -
The Shady Transitionites, a small edgy theatre troupe from Palo Alto, come to the Barn to rehearse a short play about permaculture and steam the work live global audience. Post-show interviews requests abound and are shown and recorded on the screens. The play is then linked on the Barn Dance web site for additional views and discussion.

Big Barn Scenario Three –
The storytellers look around at the interior of the Barn and wonder if this is a NASA collaboration space. Sound dampening hangs from the rafters and huge screens on blinking ready. The work now involves shooting the readers live on video and transcribing their words for the web simultaneously. A “reading” becomes much more as web-based participation adds review and alt verbiage. A story becomes theatre and a live event from an old Barn in NorCal.

* * * * * * *

Step Three: Active Values @ Barn Dance Media Center

Permaculture Combined with Transition – a mandated synergy for change

Integrative – electronic sitars, soil, latte and satellites, we are the Mix

Localization – local energy, food, education and community NOW

New Alchemy – a constant playful interchange of structure and spontaneous; history and dreams

Open, Free and Entrepreneurial - building on everyone’s expertise and sharing it with reckless transparency

Multi-media – includes live local, web and streaming for global participation and instant feedback

Live Action Threatre – your spontaneousness bent is best

Nature - Barn Dance Media Center is the new “Human | Machine | Nature| Love Interface”

Journey – multiple people, multiple channels, new lessons

Initiation – change tools, staff support and creativity are available to everyone

New Myth Accelerator – consider the new symbols, songs and stories of permaculture; this is the stuff of the new mythology and the heroes to come

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