Narrative from the Video


Prometheus Smith, Idaho Falls, Idaho, has a dream. To build and fly a solar-powered rocket to punch a hole in the sky, allowing harmful greenhouse gases to escape from the atmosphere and cool down the planet.


Visions abound in the Falls!


The young scientist will use the geo-thermal forces... of the Beehive Geyser in Yellowstone to launch the ship skyward.




In the park's early years it was common for visitors to use thermal features as "wishing wells", … and this practice continues with Prometheus’ “Solar Finger.”


On the big day, the green tech gang carefully timed the eruptions of the old girl and placed the ship on the cone hole,...


L A U N C H !!!


Prometheus shoots a huge hole the brown layer! Gas is everywhere!


After his balloon brought Prometheus and his craft safely back to Earth... he now works on clean energy and localization technologies for Idaho Falls. Solar Finger stands proudly in the town square.


* * * * * * *


children's video by:

Willi Paul


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