Gathering of the Tribes Radio presents a conversation with Willi Paul
Writer / Publisher of Magazine and

Topic: “Mythmaking and Creating a Sustainable Culture with Permaculture”

Show Host: Doctor G

Time: Thursday, May 15th, at 5:15pm (PST)

Where: Tunein broadcast live & online and on 89.5 FM in the northeast San Pablo Bay Area, courtesy of OzCat Radio

Willi’s Bio

Selected Media by Willi Paul:

Life in the Edge - an edu-video on Permaculture Principle 8

JOURNEY TO CASCADIA - Building a New Global Mythology. For the 2012 Study of Myth Symposium

Sacred Alchemy & Symbols for the Permaculture Transition

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  • It's an interesting choice of material you added there.

    I've watched on TV about humans or some ancestors about their relatively sudden shape in consciousness, but I don't recall which one (Fire? Language?...). Anyway, the authors compared it to as if birds suddenly started building roofs over their nests. That kind of shift will be necessary for the generation of people alive today. That's exactly what you are trying with your stuff, talking to people they either don't understand or don't know how to deal with it (If no one cares, why should I?). Since the beginning of civilization people were accepting themselves as expendable, cannon fodder for their leaders. Just look at Bosnia and Ukraine. In the first case there were three nations willing to do some harm to the other two. They were not really sure what kind of harm, but that's how Shadow expresses itself each time there is a sudden change. If "our guys" start contemplating genocide (Croats in Croatia and Bosnia towards Serbs, Serbs in Bosnia towards Bosniaks, Ukrainians from the west ("Death to the enemies!") towards Ukrainians from the east), it doesn't really matter because they are just our guys taking the piss out of the situation. All they need are foreigners to push them into a bloodshed and they'll accept it, EVERY time. So, as debt crisis, peak oil, global warming, and who knows what else (and the blame game) collide, one needs to bear in mind how seriously deranged we are as a species. Of course, I would feel terrible if I had a reason to say "I told you so."

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