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New Myth #38: Halo and Kat Wing of Caledonia Alley

In 2042 the San Francisco Mission District is in bloom with organic cafes’, food forests and walking paths. The streets are all gone, as are the cars and trucks that once clogged Valencia and 16th and the alleys with dark smoke and pesky horns. The fear from gentrification – a community diversity killer – has now been implemented in reverse. The Transition Movement arrived as the people’s hero, killing the evil high rise developers, gated supermarkets chains and pirated water goons hiding in the High Sierra with a localized sword!

Sharing and bartering is the economic way in this land. The eco- confederacy called Cascadia. Repair and can, sprout and send.

This is a revolution of the spirit, Brother with Sister, Mother with Father. The people declared their neighborhood as a Holy Place and protected their seeds with the same vigor as the vision for the neighborhood. It was not an easy path to social and environmental justice. After the permaculture committee ripped-up the intersection at 24th and Mission Street, all hell broke loose! The last bus line was stopped here; a new bicycle path network sprang up in its place – and almost over nite.

* * * * * * *

Since everybody has a mask on, the flick-lickey flames from the backyard fire pit took on another role on this clear July nite in the Mission. Somebody twirled and yelped; a young boy jumped over the flames like a wolf with a reason. As the sparks flew away, up into the nite sky, the drummers began.

Fires always give people a weird warmth – an out of body experience, right? A power boost of shaman juice and pagan thrust. Since the soil returned from the concrete makers, magic has returned to the hearts and hands of the Mission Tribe. Compost is the best money a farmer can buy.

“Here, let me paint your body with blue henna hatching,” cooed Halo.

“Just as long as I retain my warrior status,” laughed Kat Wing.

Their masks and costumes are an attempt to relive the tribal tale of good and bad times in the hood from the beloved garage painting still preserved in the former Caledonia Alley.

* * * * * * *

The Light Network crew visits each fire dance, every seed sourcing party, keeping watchful eyes on the Children of the Sun.

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