• I would not want to say that there is no sacredness within us, we are after all participating in/possessing of the "underlying energy of life," which always has been or always will be, or else it is constantly generating out of Nothing (as perhaps did the Big Bang) (Sure sounds like connections to the recent discovery of the Higgs boson!), and it is here that the sacred is also within us.

    We know of the sacred by being at one end of the relationship, in this communication process we are the receiver, so to speak, and just as the information that is transmitted over a communication system does not necessarily lie within us, but we are aware of it.  In general, I have long been of the opinion, based on my anthropological knowledge of tribal rituals, that it is the information that maintains life that is the sacred, i.e., sacred = life-maintaining information; and, the relationships that maintain life are the sacred, i.e., sacred = life-maintaining relationships. In communications systems theory, very simplified, there is a sender, a transmission channel, and a receiver. When those elements are engaged in the transmission of information regarding life-maintaining relationships, there is a sacred experience. So I would say that when we are engaged in this communication process, the sender/receiver/transmission channel/information are the quantification of the sacred, the tools if you will, and the actual relationships are the qualitative of the sacred, the feeling - the numinous, the experience of the One/All. 

  • Good Day Christian! If, as you relay, sacred is outside of us, then how do we know of it? And -- where does this "force" originate? Good Stuff.... WOX

  • The sacred is that which is outside of ourselves, it is the relationship between our selves and that outside, it is the communication process that maintains that relationship, it is the underlying energy of life.

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