launches a Kickstarter Campaign to fund an Animation Pilot for “The Adventures of Permaculture Willi (“P-Willi”): The Glowing Labyrinth.” Enjoy the Launch Day Interview with Willi Paul by Susan Silber.

The purpose of this Kickstarter Campaign is to animate a permaculture story by Willi Paul and create a pilot to take to market as a half hour television, cable or Internet-based children’s show.

Background: please enjoy the script for the Kickstarter campaign and pilot: “The Adventures of Permaculture Willi (“P-Willi”): The Glowing Labyrinth. to understand the wondrous dynamics of a teenager who hangs out in her wired yurt surrounded by her permaculture garden in Berkeley, CA.

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Kickstarter Campaign Launch Day Interview with Willi by Susan Silber

What inspired you to make an animated video about permaculture? How would you define success for this project?

Two reasons: permaculture needs more media to get the word out. Since children are watching edu-animated programs across all device formats, Permaculture Willi can now better use the principles and ethics for a deeper experience.

Success will be meeting the funding goal so I can build the “P-Willi” pilot as I help to educate new folks to the planet-changing world of permaculture.

What is P-Willi up to in subsequent plots?

She has her hands full in Berkeley at her yurt and the labyrinth renovation – but she has mucho virtual tasks ahead of her as a “ wired global localist! ”

Who is the target audience for this project?

I will gear my answer for the business community. Key market sectors for sponsorships, vendors and actors include:

• Children’s Media (TV, cable, online and books)
• Permaculture (green, sustainability, foodies)
• Education (all levels)
• Animation

Ideally speaking, what role do you see children in the Great Turning, as Joanna Macy calls it?

Children, parents and teachers need to seek-out our global stories and risk more now by educating themselves outside of our present “Wal-Mart quagmire” as they are the key to building the New World. Kids are the transformational triggers in my emotional and creative investment in “P-Willi.”

How else can the permaculture movement integrate the youngest generation into the work that we do, other than this video?

We need to shift from the constant “sell sell” in the crowded PDC (Permaculture Design Certificate) market and create a national / global permaculture curriculum for the schools.

Do see any spin-offs coming out of the P-Willi animation?

Web sites; app; curriculum; books; clothes, tools?

How do you think that permies will see themselves in this venture?

I hope that we see our own kids in the journey of “P-Willi.”

As in your New Myths, you blend permaculture with other forces for lesson making. What are these other forces in your view and why did you include them in original piece?

Permaculture for me is much more than a new-agriculture movement and has always blended many things: a spiritual connection; new alchemy; transition values; Nature; Joseph Campbell’s journey, hero, and initiation.

Your Kickstarter Campaign promo video is a little rough!?

I agree. I shot it in one take - by myself. I hope that “P-Willi” and her promise will carry the day!

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  • Good luck on the this campaign, Willi. Super creative, and much needed work in the world! 

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