“Neighborhood Mythology Program” – A Curriculum Vision by Willi Paul, CommunityAlchemy.com

Curriculum Outline

5 Point Introduction –

Multi-month, shared journey into self with neighbors
Build a Mentor program that creates new teachers with seniors as practitioners
Integration of all kids and their families and parents in a structured Initiation process
“Scale Up”: Start small, local, and build up, connect the network thru shared experiences and new myths
Transition from the old system to the new system

5 Learning Modes –

Experiential Learning
Risk Taking

5 Themes –

1. resilience and mythology
2. new rituals
3. new alchemy / archetypes
4. new symbols
5. initiations, journey & community Heroes

5 Activities @ 5 Neighborhood Venues –

Creative Collaborations @ Coffee House
Nature /Spirit & Permaculture @ Food Forest
Transition Incubator @ Neighborhood Center
Sharing & Celebrations @ Fire Ring
Myth Lab @ Old Church: artifacts, old myths and new myths

5 Desired Outcomes –

Transition Movement: Awareness and Building
Revitalized Power of Old Mythology
Enhanced neighborhood and community trust
Improved Writing, Illustration and Storytelling Skills
Spreading Permaculture and Transition Values

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  • Doug--Thanks so much for your observations--they are really relevant. I struggle daily with wondering how to do experiential learning (and connection) online. The more I try, however, the more I am convinced it can be done at least to a certain extent, and that it is uniquely enriched because we can have people for diverse regions/cultures in such an online environment. Not the same at all, of course, as face to face in person gatherings of people who have much in common from being in the same physical environment, but interesting nevertheless.

    I'm hoping, with Willi's help, to implement more opportunities for theses kinds of events via the Alliance--and of course, you have some experience because of the Myth group you took with Craig Chalquist. What more do you think we could do to make the online aspect more "3-D"?.....that is, not only happening online but spilling out into the "real" world?

    • Hi Doug - What is an "artist's date?"

      Bonnie - Is "3D" like using avatar's in a virtual setting??

  • Looks fantastic, Willi. I'd love to implement such a thing with neighbors, should ever I find myself in a neighborhood with folks who would be available to such an idea. At the moment, I don't think I live in a community that could muster enough people to make it worthwhile. Still, great idea.

    • Howdy! I agree, there needs to be people in community to work this. But what about online? - WOX

    • Hard to do experiential learning in an online environment. Although, people can have tasks that would allow them to go and have experiences, sort of like an artist's date. Online storytelling is an interesting concept too. Expand.

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