“One web site. One action plan. One planet” - Vision by Willi Paul, CommunityAlchemy.com

One big dream that has recently meandered up my stained whiteboard laments a “super nova-global-local” re-alignment of people and resources. A kind of “last dance” campaign, with a hoped for “Beatles coming to America” cultural impact and vision!

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The zillion web masters, their CEO’s and followers banking on today’s electronic frontier must give up server control and join the One Web Site platform. Everything commercial is juried, rated and ranked. Many sales sites decline and drop from the pressure of the sustainability filters. Not-for-profit causes are also scrutinized through critical real Earth parameters like their impact on climate change and species extinction. Putting the planet into one web site (and one global marketplace) will have many untold synergies, energy savings and human-Nature benefits, not yet realized today.

I recently asked my Transition-flavored listserv based in Palo Alto if the group had an action plan. Days past: pure silence. Now I realize my hypocrisy! I have no action plan. Interests, posts, reads and memories do not bundle into a robust schedule with goals. There are too many disparate movements, like permaculture, with loads of egos, heart and event pages but no long range strategic plans. Why is this?

The one web site plan is a great way to distill the issues, generate transparency across countries and reduce the politics and competition between the haves and have not’s - and plan for a just and unified global future.

In World Wildlife Federation’s Living Planet Report 2014, they state: “We are using nature’s gifts as if we had more than just one Earth at our disposal. By taking more from our ecosystems and natural processes than can be replenished, we are jeopardizing our very future. Nature conservation and sustainable development go hand-in-hand. They are not only about preserving biodiversity and wild places, but just as much about safeguarding the future of humanity – our well-being, economy, food security and social stability – indeed, our very survival.”

We have one planet. Let’s risk attending a few more community workshops before the music stops and our beloved Amazon returns Error 404.

This is my mythology and action plan. 


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  • How about other hosts for webinars and roundtables? I'm not saying here that you are a lousy host (you are one of the kind with your interviews, videos, and written and sound myths), but perhaps someone else would like in some future do a slightly modified (for instance with similar but not identical questions) web event. Of course, that someone (A well-known name, someone who would attract the audience?) in some future would need your approval to do that and publish (provide the material for you to publish it) the outcome on www.communityalchemy.com.

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