Pop Song #1: "I'm coming out of my skin" - 
Willi Paul & Geoff Maddock. Published by Planetshifter.com Media, 2014

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"I'm coming out of my skin"

Kicking out sin
Dreaming about the compost bin
Burrowing with your next of kin

We're coming to the texting-end
Not gonna bend
No coal to lend
Make the futures blend

Super Light
Launch pad my soul
Labyrinth’s Alter coals

over you

Don't let our father's blindness
Black out the sky
Open your heart
And shed your skin

* * * * * * *

"I'm coming out of my skin"
Music / Vocal : Geoff Maddock
Producer / Art / Lyrics: Willi Paul
copyright: Planetshifter.com Media - 2014

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  • http://andrewgavinmarshall.com/2014/06/09/voice-of-access-the-peopl... - That's what they thought me at school, that the purpose of history is to, by understanding the past ("father's blindness"), better understand the present and the future. I didn't understand it back then and I even have difficulties to understand it now. It's absurd that in what we know as the modern society those on the very top are in some ways less free (wars and lies as products and "reality") than those on the bottom. They are like Castaneda's followers who believed in his celibacy and ability to literally become an immortal eagle while he was having sex with all of them. We who aren't his followers and who participate in "real life" tend to believe that funny money printed out of thin air has more value than air, water, food, family, and community. We are, as we climb up the societal ladder, so disturbingly fake.

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