"The Transition Movement and the New Global Mythology" (+ PDF ver). By Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com Media

New Global Mythology is digitized, soil, people in synergy. Ideas / fodder / form flow back and forth in our geo-alchemy loop. Not a “one-way ride” or a “top down flip chart, Man.”

Interestingly, catalysts and symbols are the hub and are shared influences in the development of shared resources and media.

The Internet is a spiritual space in our hearts and on our screens that promotes universal awareness not technology for gadgets and chat sake. It is a high speed crucible for new mythologies and the awareness that comes with them.

As resilience is created, tested and shared in the Transition Movement, this force filters through the Internet bolstering other movements.

The impact / importance of Jung’s archetypes and subconscious in this model are debatable although indirectly represented in “symbols and inspirations.”

New Global Myths are the result of creative and creation mythological processes and are co-partners in the growth of Transition values and activities.

There are plenty of apocalyptic groups pushing their brand of mythology. Transition folks want to transform survivalism’s fear into a new global sharing and peace.

Journeys and initiations, made famous by Joseph Campbell, are in the permaculture backyard and on the Internet. Where do you want to plow?

Transition is LOCAL, community-sourced and driven. The community garden is often the Hero. The Hero is key in seeing change, teaching new rituals and carving new dream songs into myth.

The Transition Movement and the New Global Mythology - Willi Paul.pdf

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