It was a delight to attend the 'Depth Psychology & Poetry' webinar yesterday . I haven't been in touch with Bob Romanyshyn [in the waking world] since 1994 when I finished my last re-search classes at Pacifica Graduate Institute. From 1991-4 Bob inspired me as Teacher and Writer. In my dream world, Bob Romanyshyn has often shown up over the course of the years.

Following the end of classes and the beginning of working on my doctoral dissertation in 1994, I received a dream--Bob Romanyshyn is playing alongside me--there are acrobats, trampoline artists, puppets, and clowns. After waking up! (from that seminal dream)-- I knew, in that moment, that I was to dance and produce an arts-based performance video as part of my doctoral work and that my purpose in the world was to bring the gifts of play, creativity, and laughter to others. Play in the everyday, from wherever we are.

Play that helps us create a life that comes from the heart (individuation).

Synchronitically, I've been reading poems in our weekly dream group, attending poetry play-shops with the WA state poet laureate and others, writing, and just yesterday, before the webinar, I listened to a remarkable interview with one of my favorite poets, Mary Oliver.

Mary talked about her work as 'Listening to the World'. What are Bob's, Brian's, Bonnie's, and your thoughts on 'Listening to the World' as a way into poetic sensibility? [I wrote this question last night but we ran out of time for answer).

I'd like to share some reflections after last night's webinar: (I have already written directly to Bob, Bonnie and asked Bob to pass on my reflections to Brian Tracy):

1) Brian shared references to Hillman and Campbell. I would like to hear about Brian's experience as a poet. Like Mary Oliver, what title would Brian Tracy give to his work as a poet? How does he see that title/naming in the light of depth psychology & poetic sensibiilty?

2) I felt that the exploration last night was limiting in that the exploration centered on psychologists & depth psychology....psychologists & poetry....for the most part.

Bob mentioned the need for the marrying of depth psychology & humanities, applause! what about depth psychology and poetics in science, teaching, arts-based forms, creative endeavors, politics, world events, the bleeding of our planet, ....there is so much to explore.

When I completed my classes at Pacifica I found that there was so much to explore and play with through a depth psychological view than I had ever imagined up to that point. Since my dream carried me in playful living and teaching, I have been working toward finding ways to teach, write, and speak-perform through a pairing of depth psychology and play-based philosophy. Jung and many others write about the importance of play--our dreams and our poems are filled with play, play in the every day.

Bob's example of his grandson, Jonah's visitation with Spider, mirrors my experience with my grandchildren and with children in nature play groups. My grandson, Chase, repeatedly brings me to visit with Tree who is speaking to him, Rock, Water....environmental intelligence and Reverie.

Well, sharing some initial responses. Didn't want to let this moment go by without reflecting and sharing on the treasures explored.

Yesterday's webinar created a rich, vibrant environment filled with metaphor, nature's wisdom, intellectual body. I believe, as I'm sure you do, that there is so much more!

Thank you Bonnie, Bob, Brian, and larger Depth Psychology Alliance community for your participation. Play=Peace, Mary Alice