• Oct 17, 2022 from 7:00pm to 9:00pm
  • Location: Online
  • Latest Activity: Oct 17, 2022

Anatomy of the Psyche Reading Group


with Jason E. Smith, IAAP

Mondays beginning October 17

7-9pm Eastern
8 weeks

All sessions will be recorded.

The understanding and interpretation of alchemy holds a central place in the writings of C.G. Jung. In its unique, and often bizarre, imagery, Jung found a symbolic language that reflected the activity of the psyche. His work on the psychological dimensions of alchemy, however, can be dense and difficult reading. Edward Edinger’s classic book Anatomy of the Psyche does a great job of bringing clarity and understanding to this area of Jung’s writings and to his essential insights into the symbolism of alchemy.

In this class we will read through Anatomy of the Psyche together. Using Edinger’s text as our guide, we will explore the challenging, but immensely rich subject of alchemy and its psychological meaning. We will discover the relationship between alchemical symbolism and dream imagery, discuss the relevance of alchemy to Jung’s concept of individuation, and understand how the operations of the alchemical opus translate into a contemporary spiritual or psychological practice.

REGISTER / MORE INFO: https://www.jungarchademy.com/anatomy

Your Host:

Jason E. Smith

Jason E. Smith is an author and Jungian analyst in private practice in Manchester-by-the-Sea, MA. He was previously the president of the Training Board of the C. G. Jung Institute in Boston. He received his Master’s degree from Pacifica Graduate Institute and graduated from the C.G. Jung Institute - Boston with a diploma in Analytical Psychology.

Jason is the creator and host of the podcast, Digital Jung: The Symbolic Life in a Technological Age and the author of Religious But Not Religious: Living a Symbolic Life (2020).

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