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Depth Psychology Alliance is an online community of individuals and organizations interested in or dedicated to Jungian and depth psychologies. If you are interested in offering events or promoting products, services, or an organization on the Alliance, that’s one of the many benefits of membership! Following is a snapshot of what this community is about: 

  • Depth Psychology Alliance gives you access to over 5100 registered members who are interested in Depth Psychology from all over the world
  • We have over 5500 interested opt-in individuals on our mailing list
  • With over seven years of existence as a "hub for all things depth psychology," the Alliance is the go-to place to find depth psychology oriented event listings, online discussions, video archives, depth blogs, and much more


Promote your Work, Publication, Organization, or Event for FREE with membership in the Depth Alliance Community

As a member of the Alliance, we welcome you to promote your offerings so others know about them! Depth Psychology Alliance was created to help make depth psychology more accessible in the world. Following are tips and simple do-it-yourself actions that you can take to produce and post your offers on the website and our Facebook page.

9142579287?profile=originalWAYS TO SHARE OR PROMOTE

Create a membership profile for yourself as an individual, or for your organization or project. That way, any posts you make will appear under your name or brand so viewers can recognize you, follow you, interact, or respond.

1. Post Your Event
 in the Alliance event listings (under the EXPLORE/Events tab): Click ADD at the top right of the page. Your postings may include webinars, classes, courses, tours, and book signings, etc., so long as they are related to the broad area of depth psychology.

If you are on Facebook, you may also post a notice for your event in the Alliance Facebook group at: Once your event is up, your posting may potentially be promoted on other Alliance social media accounts like Twitter and LinkedIn, and we may occasionally repost those on Depth Insights and Depth List as well. Posting in the Alliance to get the word out about your work is a free benefit of your membership.

Be sure to “comment” periodically under the initial posting in the Events section here on Depth Alliance—give a word or two of reminder, or additional information. All new comments appear on the Alliance home page under “Latest Activity” for members to see as soon as they sign on. Before and after your event, engage the community in a discussion “thread” on your program or topic—and responding promptly to other’s questions or comments.

 2. Create and post a blog in the Blogs section under the EXPLORE tab. Blog posts should provide information and education on a topic related to your offering and will typically show up on the Depth Alliance social media accounts like Facebook and Twitter. We may also occasionally repost your blog on Depth Insights and Depth List as well.

 3. Promote a product, service, or organization by starting a Discussion in the Forum (under the DIALOGUE tab).  Consider offering a discount or give-away for Alliance members specifically so you can track the impact.

4. Post a video related to your work in the Alliance video library. (The video must first be on YouTube or Vimeo in order to be posted in the Alliance library.)

 If you really want to get the word out, you might want to post in multiple locations to ensure your posts are seen. First post a video in the video library, then post about that video in the Forum with a link to the video in the video library; then post a longer blog-style post in the Blog section (also with a link to the Video library). You can also post a link to your blog post in the Forum post.

 9142579287?profile=originalOTHER WAYS TO GET NOTICED

Consider offering a free online intro session for Depth Alliance members in advance of any paid series you offer so that participants can get to know you and hear a little about what they’ll receive in the series.

Host a special study group or a themed discussion in an online open, written format for a set number of weeks. Consider linking it to an online webinar, course, or book club, etc.*

Run a contest on a topic of your choice that includes essays, poetry, art, etc. and promote it in the forum or blog section.


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