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This group is a free online book club which is "tended" by individual authors.  When ever there is a book club in session, the author introduces his or her book, recommends readings, identifies themes, initiates discussion, and fields questions from Alliance members. Get more details here.

Usually there is an audio interview for Depth Insights radio with the author a few days before the month starts and you can find that posted in the Forum. Some authors may choose to offer a teleseminar during their month.

The discussion is all done in a written format here. Group members may join or leave anytime, and can follow along with select assigned readings in each book, ask questions, and comment in order to make the group as interactive and participatory as possible.

Note: Past book club discussions are all archived and still available to read if you choose.

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Who we are and the search for identity

Hello everyone, This week we can concentrate on this " who we are" I mentioned in my previous post. We all look for love because love reveals us.  It gives us an identity found in the eyes of the beloved. This is why the end of a relationship can be so destructive. On page 306 of Isis Code I say: "The brain develops through its interactions with the surrounding material world.The lover will see the mirror of his Self, of his feminine polarity, reflected inthe self of the other. When those…

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SEPTEMBER 2013: Ariane Page — Isis Code: Revelations from Brain Research and Systems Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness

Today we kick start the Depth Psychology Alliance book club look into Isis Code : Revelations from Brain Research and Systems Science on the Search for Human Perfection and Happiness. Hi everyone, my name is Ariane Page and I am the author of this book. I will be your host this month.  Together, depending on your questions and reactions , we will shed a light on  some aspects of this book.  I say some aspects because at 600 pages, it covers a whole system which, itself, covers all aspects of…

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JANUARY 2013 BOOK CLUB DISCUSSON FORUM: The War of the Gods in Addiction: C.G. Jung, Alcoholics Anonymous, and Archetypal Evil with David E. Schoen

Jung Platform™, Depth Psychology Alliance™, and Shrink Rap Radio™ have joined forces to bring new educational content in the fields of Jungian and depth psychology. The online book club is a collaborative project that allows interested individuals to connect directly with authors, engage with their work, and to interact on a one-on-one basis. Join us for free access to an interview with the author, weekly teleseminars (dates and times to come), a written discussion forum here in the Book…

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