Who we are and the search for identity

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This week we can concentrate on this " who we are" I mentioned in my previous post. We all look for love because love reveals us.  It gives us an identity found in the eyes of the beloved. This is why the end of a relationship can be so destructive.

On page 306 of Isis Code I say:

"The brain develops through its interactions with the surrounding material world.
The lover will see the mirror of his Self, of his feminine polarity, reflected in
the self of the other. When those relationships abruptly end, the victim feels
crushed and destroyed as the self seems to have been negated. The identity
is lost, most acutely in men."

The LIFE biosystem teaches us that a relationship in fact consists in  two feminine polarities and two masculine ones interacting. The man sees the  masculine polarity of the women (her physical body) as the manifestation of his feminine polarity, externalized.   The woman sees the masculine polarity of the man (his physical body and/or social status) as the expression of her masculine polarity externalized. 

The period of identity seeking is concentrated roughly between the ages of 14 to 21. Brainwise it corresponds to the maturation of the parietal lobe and midprefrontal cortex. It is directly associated with the world of symbolism. 

In our present society, a great deal of emphasis was put on the masculine polarity and this at all levels. This masculine polarity is associated to the persona or personality and to the physical and emotional worlds. It has allowed the tremendous technological progress we are witnessing BUT the feminine polarity, associated to the Self, the symbolism and environment (including social) was neglected. The problem with this is that human's rationality is only the result of all these aspects working harmoniously together. In the present situation, we are not acting rationally , although we believe we are and the problems with the environment shows this.

The solution is to find a deeper identity (or should I say a more elevated one).  Our consumerist society is going through an identity crisis therefore our need for love is even greater than before. You are welcome to add your thoughts, question this text or comment.

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