This page is designated for members to post requests or search for connections among Alliance members. If you need to connect and don't know who can help, this is the place to post.

For example, if you:

need participants for a research project

are looking to partner with someone in your city to offer workshops

want to co-author an article with someone

create a panel for a conference

find a local speaker or panelist in your area for an upcoming conference or event

---then place your request here so others can see and respond. (If this is regarding a scheduled event, you may also want to list it under "Events". You may also want to post your request in the Forum where others will also see it there as well).

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  • Hello everyone,


    I am currently a master's candidate in my third practicum year of an MSc in Consciousness, Spirituality, and Transpersonal Psychology at Alef Trust / Liverpool John Moores University. In tandem, I am also immersed in a rich, embodied training to become a soul-centered psychology coach with Dr. Bonnie Bright. 


    I am now beginning the recruitment phase for my research thesis and would love your help in getting the word out. Thank you in advance for your consideration in passing along the attached flyer (link) to any groups you are connected to, that you feel could have potential participants. I've also included an image of the flyer for easy viewing. 


    If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out. All questions are welcome as this is an embodied project dear to my heart. 


    Sending well wishes for the new year and many thanks for reading, 


    Shannon Lowry Participants Needed Flyer10014714083?profile=RESIZE_400x

    Participants Needed! Flyer.pdf
    Shared with Dropbox
  • This is maddening: Like Barry Spector, I still see no way to post blogs. Is there someone actually overseeing this site? If so, would that person please email me ( when the site can actually receive new blog articles and videos.

  • July 23: Well, things are improving, but I'm afraid we still have a way to go before we get back to the easy linking of the old website:

    1 -- My page is improved. I can now see my blogs. However, I still can't see any way to edit them or post new ones.

    2 -- If I go to "Discover" > "Blogs", the only choics are  "All posts"/ "Featured Posts" or Most popular"/"Newest blogs". In either case -- and this is particularly annoying -- there is no easy listing of blogs or authors. One must scroll all the way down to the end of the first blog before even seeing the second blog, and so on. And there appears to be no way to post a new blog here either.

    3 --  "Navigating the SIte" page is still blank. Probably others are as well.

    Here's a suggestion for your tech person: Find a way to look at the old website and see how easy it was to find blogs, post them and edit them. If they can't find it anymore, they should look at any blog page on Wordpress, for example, such as mine:



    Culture and Politics from a Mythological Perspective -- Big ideas in plain English
  • Education Institution

    I am told by the platform administrators that it shoud be fixed now. Can you check and let us know? Thanks. 

  • Thank you Bonnie. However, it does not yet appear to be fixed. I still get a "Page not found" error when I click on the Blog link on the Home page, and still do not see the plus sign. I have a number of blog articles and a video that I'm wanting to post. Plus, as Barry says, there's no way to speak to the website's monitor. Please let us know when the site is functioning properly. 

  • Education Institution

    Thanks, Barry - we were recently forced to "upgrade" the platform. We were assured that everything would remain the same, only better. Clearly, this has not been the case. I've been told that it should be easier to find your blog now...please let us know if that is still a problem. Thanks!

  • This new format is utterly confusing! I can't access my blogs or find a way to post a new one. There is no link to speak to the website moderator. Are other people having these problems? Is anyone actually moderating the website who can answer any of these questions?


  • Warm Greetings to Depth Alliance members,

    I imagine most of you here are healers or perhaps hierophants - one who mediates transpersonal knowledge and facilitates depth in others.

    I'm writing with a call out to anyone who uses creativity as a means to facilitate in others a relationship with depth, the unconscious, and/or Source.

    The Foundation for the Spiritual Practice of Creativity (FSPC) is a 501c3 nonprofit organization, gathering together professionals in an array of fields including depth psychology, with the intention of gathering our resources and creating something larger together.

    FSPC is a nonprofit organization and has much to offer. We are located in California, one hour north of Los Angeles. However, our board members are widely spread - two in Oregon, one in CA, and one in Malaysia. We have two exciting programs (HeARTs and Nepal) happening in the spring. The HeARTs program will soon be contacting professionals from the Alliance's Depth List to help facilitate the event.

    If you're interested in possibly meeting with a group of others who share the same intention, we are gathering via phone conference in November. Are you interested?


    If so, email Or visit for more information.



  • Hi everyone!  I am looking for research participants for the first clinical trial for Depth Hypnosis, a meditation-based modality developed by Dr. Isa Gucciardi.  The study is examining the effectiveness of Depth Hypnosis working with symptoms of anxiety, depression and PTSD.  If anyone is interested in learning more, please email me at  Depth Hypnosis  Thank you so much for your help!  

  • ... Seeking to join, participate, and/or meet with others who want to explore sharing personal, collective

    experiences with shamanic training ... with an emphasis on cross-cultural, native, ethnic, celtic shamanist

    rituals and practices.  Preferred location/s Sonoma, Marin, Alameda county areas.  Weekday evenings and

    Saturdays are available for me.

    My own initial experiences were in the Arctic Circle with a native, Eskimo/Inuit shaman.  I am most interested and intrigued to listen/hear of other persons initial experiences and how they first became drawn into and/or discovered their shamanic paths.

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