Transform Your Mythic Path: Personal Mythology, Dreamwork, and Shamanism Weekend Intensive with Stanley Krippner PhD

Unravel the personal myth of your life at the hands of legendary psychologist, Stanley Krippner PhD. Discover the mystery of consciousness hidden in every story while you find the patterns in your own, transforming your mythic path. Dr. Krippner will capture your fascination of the transpersonal dimension of mythology and dreams while he guides you through your own mythic inner landscape and shows how to work with intuition. This experiential workshop intensive is a an amazing opportunity to study with a world expert on shamanism, dreams, mythology, and the scientific investigation of consciousness. Rave reviews abound on this skill building, and life changing approach to working with story. Transform your own myth and gain tools to help others discover, appreciate, and master theirs.

Special $15 discount for Depth Psych Alliance members. Please be sure to mention it when you register!

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  • Susan: I'm not surprised you've had such a wonderful response to this event in the past! Thank you so much for your generous offer of $15 for Depth Psych Alliance members! I'm sure some lucky individuals will reap the benefit of  participating in the workshop with Stan starting January 28!
  • Hi, Bonnie. Thanks for sharing on this. Stanley is an amazing treasure of knowledge and wisdom and comes with a lot of integration. It has been my pleasure to produce this workshop and now offer it for the sixth time in the Northwest. I cannot even begin to tell you how it has transformed lives. Many have shared their post workshop stories and it is indeed uplifting. I can't wake for this next wokrshop. There are so many wonderful people registered and there is already a community coming together. This is such a great web happy to have found it. Thanks for letting me post the event here. I would be happy to offer the same $15 discount to members of this network, the same as for The Association For Humanistic Psychology (AHP), the sponsoring organization. People who are interested can visit to see the fee structure. And I wish you lived closer too.
  • Hi Susan; This event looks wonderful. I had the pleasure of seeing Stanley speak a couple of months ago for the first time and was utterly blown away by his vast knowledge and the ability to articulate connections between many critical topics and fascinating perspectives. I highly recommend anyone considering attending your event to do it! Wish I lived closer!
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