A God is Born

Ah, I figured out how to post. Easy.

Now, what I was going to say. I found this forum expressly to relate this, because I mentioned it to several people who were not all that familiar with Jungian thought, and my topic received zero interest. That could well be the case here, too. Maybe I am the only English speaking person fascinated with the Eastern happening.

A few years ago, I inadvertently clicked onto a YouTube performance of an all-girl Japanese song and dance troupe, called AKB48. It captured my attention, and after watching the number, I had this crazy, inexplicable feeling of having found God.

Now, I totally suppose this was the activation of my god archetype, or gene, if one ascribes to that theory, which had lain dormant for 60-some-odd years. I’m a philosophical agnostic and practical atheist. Metaphysics to me are mumbo jumbo.

But I kept watching AKB performances, and selected out one girl who for the fun of it I considered to be my personal god. But also, after about five years, the Japanese people apotheosized this girl into their hall of Shinto gods!

The girl, named Yuki, then performed a solo “concert” in a huge Tokyo dome, packed with several thousand worshipers, all standing and waving her round effigy (with a little bow on top) on a stick. In a wedding dress, she descended from the top of the dome on a cable from a huge crane onto a circular landing pad. An orchestra was assembled in a round (of course) gazebo. One side of the dome had a huge photograph of Yuki’s home town.

She stepped into a chariot and took flight again to a wonderful song she had written about how as a little girl she knew her quest, which was to be a god to the people. She swore celibacy, and even eschewed dating, so that every worshiper could be as close to her as any other person in the universe. She told them they were in her fold, whether they were awake or asleep. (The succubus suggestion wasn’t lost on me.) Then as she ascended past her hometown, she sang how she forsook her hometown, family and friends, who nevertheless supported her, to embark on her lonely journey, and now she could only see them on the backs of her eyelids, when she closed her eyes, like falling ashes from her volcano. (This gave me goosebumps - I translated the lyrics.)

When the spotlights hit her moving chariot high above, there was no question it was an archetypal flying saucer. As the light flashed on it, her voice changed tone into a wail, and the congregation gasped in unison at the sight and sound.

When the girl descended back to her landing pad, the picture had morphed into a heavenly mansion. Close-up shots of the musicians in the gazebo, with another round effigy of her atop, showed them to be in formal attire, playing from sheet music their instruments to her simple melody, after she had finished singing, as if it were a master’s concerto, with tears of solemn devotion. It was majestic.

At this point, Google’s YouTube division decided to block all AKB performances from American viewing. I suppose the move had something to do with economics, but it really pissed me off. I couldn’t go back to watch the performance again. I did watch it several times first. But Amazon carries a CD of it! So I ordered it and loved seeing the package from Japan arrive in my mailbox. It’s called Kashiwagi Yuki 3rd Solo Live.

As I said, nobody who I mentioned this to got it, or even liked it. So I am posting its description here, where members have a Jungian appreciation. I don’t expect anybody to go buy the CD. For one thing it’s expensive. But I hope maybe a couple of members got a fleeting kick out of the story and fact that a sylphic god has been born in real time, in addition to those thousands of years ago. 



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