A Memoir of Toni Wolff

I am very proud to announce that I have secured the free digital release of "A Memoir of Toni Wolff" by Irene Champernowne. This work features paintings of dream images by an English therapist in the 1950's depiciting female figures in association with images of swirled grain and UFOs that are reminiscent of Crop Circles, and the symbolism seems to point to the possibility of a renewal of the feminine generally. Toni Wolff was Irene analyst and C.G. Jung both saw and comment on the images in the publication. Emma Jung said of them “your pictures have impressed me very deeply indeed; I feel there is something extremely important and valuable [in them].” The San Francisco Jung Institute has graciously agreed to make this publication available to download in pdf format at no cost.  You can view all of the images on my website www.JungAndCropCircles.net or on www.facebook.com/JungAndCropCircles

Here's the link to the pdf of "A Memoir of Toni Wolff":


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  • Hi Bonnie: I hope to finish the book in the next few months and have it out in the spring. Thanks for the encouragement! G
  • I've seen the description of the Archetypes workshop you and KD do, Gary. It looks really fascinating. I especially am intrigued--perhaps because its so core for all of us--by the idea of recognizing ourselves in ancient patterns. I will look for the book by Guzie & Guzie. Thanks for the recommendation!
    BTW, when is your book due out?
  • Vicky Jo-it's great to know the book is out there for free but I'm glad you did your part to support it financially as well. Its such important work. I attended a seminar on the Red Book recently taught by Jungian Analyst Monika Wikman who has extensive knowledge of Jung and all things Jungian--including knowing a lot about Toni Wolff and the typologies she developed--though you would have to ask her if she's actually used it or worked with it.

    I went back to my notes from that seminar to see what I captured and it was simply a brief summary--likely stuff you already know but I'll post it here for the sake of others. Toni Wolff developed the four archetypes of women which she named Medium (some say Muse), Mother, Amazon, and Hetaera (archetype of the Divine prostitute in all her power). Wolff believed we are born with two of the four typologies that are strong but that we need to turn to the other two in the second half of life (not unlike Jung's ideas around the inferior function).

    Wish I knew more: does anyone else? It's a fascinating topic.
    • Fantastic!  Thank you Lewis - great to have these!


    • Bonnie, I'll build on yours. According to Rachel, Toni Wolff may have been the one to suggest to Jung that there was an intuiting function. However, she thought Jung's typology was more compatible with male psychology, and felt that a typology was needed for women that was about relating, since women tend to interface with the world through relationship.

      Just as you described, Bonnie, she identified four archetypes, and apparently spent at least 20 years of her life to refining this typology. The form you call "medium," Rachel alternatively calls "medial woman" in her book.

      Rachel cites the TV program "Sex and the City" of having a cast representing the four basic forms. She has also attempted to to draw parallels between Jung's typology and Toni's, and seems to have made some interesting correlations in her research.
      • Clearly I'm going to have to make the time to read the book. This is really compelling, and what a great dovetail with pop culture to bring in Sex in the City. It may be cliche, but its one of my favorites. The archetypal topics are great. Thanks for the info, Vicky Jo. I have been a student of the Enneagram for years and am motivated to learn more about other typologies, especially this one. I find it reassuring and fulfilling to think Toni Wolff, a woman, posited the intuitive function. Makes sense to me!
        • Hi Vicky & Bonnie:

          KD Farris & I do a workshop on the Archetypes of the Feminine & Masculine that follows a lineage directly from Toni Wolff's work (I credit her in all of our presentations). I have been working with this archetypal approach since 1994 and there are many other good books on this archetypal system. I'd recommened "About Men & Women" by Guzie & Guzie, but it is out of print (they have it at the Pacifica library, LA Jung Library). If you're interested in this work, you should come join us sometime.

          Perhaps I should start a discussion group on here about this topic... :)

          On the "Memoir of Toni Wolff" by Champernowne. Yes, Bonnie its quite amazing and it plays a bit part in my upcoming book on Jung & Crop Circles (for more see: www.jungandcropcircles.net and/or www.facebook.com/JungAndCropCircles).

          Glad you guys are interested. :)

  • Agh. I just bought that booklet a couple of weeks ago. Sigh.

    Actually, I bought it when I attended a lecture by Rachel Fitzgerald on the topic of Toni Wolff related to Rachel's new book: "She Moves In Circles," which describes Wolff's unique typology.

    Has anyone worked with this typology, or know anything about it? I know there was an original lecture by Wolff, but I don't know whether that's available.

    -Vicky Jo :-)
  • How interesting! The images are pretty amazing and I appreciate knowing about the free PDFs from the SF Jung Institute. Just grabbed them. Thanks!
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