With the launch of this issue of Depth Insights Journal, the formal scholarly publication of Depth Psychology Alliance, I am reflection on how proud I am of our now FIVE-YEAR history of publication, and of the impressive collection of essays, art and poetry that has been offered to the greater depth psychology community. The image which graces our cover of the phoenix rising by Dr. Susy Sanders, seems an appropriate symbol for what was birthed in this work five years ago.

This issue contains a particularly eclectic mix of topics, ranging from the value of poetry—particularly in the clinical setting—to philosophy, to Jung's Red Book, to dreams, and embodied understanding.
Congratulations to all the contributors in this issue:
Susan Schwartz
Mary Kay Kasper
Maggie Hippman
Gerald F. Kegler
Megan L. Popovic
Lisa Schouw
Jonathan Marshall
Andrew Carnahan
Catherine Svehla, Ph.D.
Dennis Patrick Slattery
Poetry by R.A. Ballestrin, pm eagles, Nance Harding, Amy Beth Katz, Christy Lee, Yvette A. Schnoeker-Shorb, and Andrea Slominski
Art by Leslie Nolan, Patty Sabatier, Susy Sanders (including cover art), and Laura Smith
Also, huge thanks to Associate Editor, Tish Stoker Signet, and to Adele Gruber for editorial contribution.
Deadline for the Winter issue is October 28!
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