Astrology and Consciousness: Causal Factors

I have made some fundamental breakthroughs in the nature of consciousness and its relationship to astrology, including the causal factors of astrological influences. Psychology is not simple, and neither are my findings about the nature of consciousness, requiring some understanding in several fields that are not yet part of modern science. I want to share with this community, and I hope that it will be a 2-way sharing. I think it will help if I begin by sharing some things about my background.

Before I entered college, I expected to get a PhD and do fundamental research. While in graduate school, I realized that modern science was too limited and limiting, and chose to get my PhD in Computer Science as an easy way to make a living. While in graduate school, much of my time was spent on astrology and the Qabalah. I learned rapidly, practicing what I learned. (I have also been successful in the field of Computer Science, having solved a number of difficult problems at AT&T Bell Labs and other places. For example, in 2008 while working on a US Air Force contract, I developed the world’s only perpetually unbreakable encryption method.) I quickly learned how to astral travel: leaving my physical body behind, experiencing and participating elsewhere. I learned about the Tree of Life, and began to work the Paths of my Tree, getting to know my “parts of consciousness” and related aspects of my consciousness. I learned a simple technique to remember past life experience, and applied it to understand myself better.

In the mid-1980’s, I began to understand the nature of the relationship between astrology and human consciousness. In the interest of brevity, I’ll explain in a later post. Suffice it to say, I have learned/discovered a great deal since then.

Around the end of 2005, I decided to try to find out why mainstream scientists ignore everything except the physical level of this reality. After a few months of library research, I had a complete historical picture showing how and why science has been so limited. I wrote “Science Restored”, painting that picture in a logical sequence, including extensive academic references. Science Restored is available on Amazon.

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  • This is probably my last post unless someone expresses interest.

    Evolution of Consciousness: a hypothesis. We have seen that the LORs of the human POCs correlate directly with the cycle periods of the associated astrological influences. The natal chart, which provides a generic understanding of the person’s consciousness, is calculated from the time of birth: not before birth, and not long after birth. The GEs existed in this solar system for billions of years before physical life forms evolved. I propose that the influences of those GEs have been and are the basis for the evolution of consciousness around the Earth. I’m saying that basically, my formula applies to any species that evolved on the Earth with a lifespan greater than a year. And that the consciousness of a newborn comes from an evolving racial pattern.

    Some Qabalistic writers talk about the Tree of consciousness of an individual as the “subjective” Tree, and they talk about an “objective” Tree that is connected to all individual subjective Trees. I have personal experience working in the objective Tree. I wonder if a human baby gets its POCs from the human objective Tree. That is my best guess at this time, but I have no evidence or remembered experience supporting or denying this.

    Consider a few implications of my hypothesis and related formula. Why are cats and dogs different, given that they have similar lifespans, resulting in basically the same lower LOR POCs? Each POC is changed by experience. The basic nature of the POCs is the same, but given different stimuli, they change in different ways. Genetics plays a key role here. Cats and dogs evolved in slightly different directions because both physical forms are effective, but in different ways. My point here is that the same principles apply to animal psychology as to human psychology, if the physical differences and differences in experience are taken into consideration.

    What about life that has evolved on other planets in this solar system? I propose that their consciousness evolved in the same way, and obeys the same formula. I plan to test this hypothesis more.

    What about life in other solar systems? I propose that alien consciousness evolves in the same way in a completely different environment due to completely different GEs, and that their consciousness obeys the same formula. One implication is that their motivations, feeling, attitudes, etc. would be dependent on their home solar system as our consciousness is dependent on our solar system.

  • A Formula for the POCs: derived from human consciousness. In this post, (I will show that the Tree of Life only applies to species on the Earth with the same lifespan as humans.) I used to wonder why the human POCs have the GE-related natures that they do. Why those specific ten POCs? Why not eleven or nine POCs? Now it seems clear how that came to be. Our foundation at this point includes: 1) The Sun and planets in this solar system are GEs, 2) The human POCs exist as shown on the Tree of Life, 3) Each POC below the Spirit is associated with a GE or the Moon, 4) It has been stated that the Spirit was created by God, and is not “of” this solar system, 5) The zodiac signs are an artifact of the Earth orbiting the Sun. Think of the following from the point of view of someone on the surface of the Earth experiencing astrological influences. Based on the GE/Moon whose nature the POC has, consider the astrological cycle period of the Moon and each GE in the following table. Remember that these correspond to the human POCs, and I am using the astrological nature as the name of the POC.

    Earth: physical LOR: 1 day
    Moon: etheric LOR: 28 days
    Mercury: lower astral LOR: 88 days
    Venus: lower astral LOR: 225 days
    Sun: lower upper astral LOR: 1 year
    Mars: upper astral LOR: 1.9 years
    Jupiter: upper astral LOR: 11.9 years
    Saturn: lower Supernal LOR: 29.5 years
    Uranus: lower Supernal LOR: 84 years

    The Earth rotates through the signs in one day. The Moon orbits the Earth in 28 days. The Earth orbits the Sun in one year, and from the perspective of someone on the surface of the Earth, the Sun goes through its cycle in that year.

    Notice the correlation to the LORs. The physical body is associated with the Earth. Those POCs with influencers having cycle length less than 1/12th of a year (the Moon) are on the etheric LOR. Those POCs with influencers having cycle length more than a single sign and less than a year (Mercury and Venus) are on the lower astral LOR. The Sun (cycle length one year) is on the lower upper astral LOR. Those POCs with influencers having cycle length more than a year and less than a normal lifespan (Mars and Jupiter) are on the upper astral LOR. Those POCs with influencers having cycle length in a normal lifespan range (Saturn and Uranus) are on the lower Supernal LOR. This is profound, and has many potential implications for consciousness on this planet, in this solar system, and in all other solar systems.

    Consistent with the scientific method, I tested my formula by looking at a being that evolved around Jupiter. I was surprised to find that the etheric and lower astral LORs of the being were teaming with what appeared to be a cloud of POCs. There was no physical body, but there was a lowest POC that exists while the being is alive. I also spoke with the being’s Sun POC. Later, I looked up the astronomical information about Jupiter. Jupiter has over 60 moons. Wow! Some of them orbit in days while others orbit in years. Applying my formula, it seems to predict what I observed.

    Note that my formula implies that the Tree of Life only applies to species that have evolved on the Earth with the same lifespan as humans. Other species have different POCs.

  • Psychological Problems<=Natal Chart+Past life experience: An introduction. (In this post, I propose the causal factors of astrology.) This topic alone deserves a book, most of which I drafted. Keep in mind our proposed framework at this point: 1) Each human POC has the nature of a corresponding GE conditioned by experience, 2) The astrological natal chart provides generic information about the person’s POCs, including the conditioning due to experience. 3) Past life experience has resulted in the formation of reaction patterns present in the warehouse, with the related past lives accessible from near the reaction patterns.

    In such a brief post, I can only provide an abbreviated guide and an example. Let’s assume that you know something about the nature of the psychological problem of your client. Calculate the client’s natal chart and transits during the period when the problem began, if it is not a long-term problem. In the natal chart, look for difficult “aspects”, especially with near-zero orb. Let’s say your client was assigned to you after he tried to commit suicide. Let’s say you find Moon conjunct Saturn in his natal chart at 0.09 degrees (nearly zero orb). You know that he was depressed most of his life, and tried to commit suicide when his mother, who he hated, died of old age. What is the nature of his problem, and how can you help? Looking at the generic interpretation of Moon conjunct Saturn, it is likely that your client’s past life experience is the foundation/cause of the problem. If you know how to access one or more relevant past lives, it will help you. If not, you need to use only the generic understanding of the natal aspect. This tells you that the problem has at least two issues in the client’s POCs. First there is a reaction pattern in his warehouse (that affects his subconscious), and there is a difficult relationship between his Moon POC and his Saturn POC. His subconscious (Moon POC) sees stability (Saturn POC) as extremely negative and hopeless. You can work with this information.

    Let’s say you access the primary past life associated with this problem, and find: He had been very self-centered and negative. He only felt loved for a short time by a young woman, but she died after a few weeks. He was left feeling that the world is a terrible and hopeless place. He was Catholic and afraid to end that life, but in a fit of extreme depression, he jumped off a cliff, expecting to go to Hell. With this more specific information, you know a bit more: He does not expect to be loved. If someone does love him, she will die. He is probably deeply afraid that he is in Hell. With or without this information, he needs to develop a sense that things will be OK. My opinion is that for this problem I would teach him a mantra such as: “Thy Will is my will, and within Your Light, nothing can harm me.” There is more, but I run out of room in this post. Drugs can reduce the level of anxiety and depression, but cannot solve the problem. I recommend you learn more about astrology, as Jung did, and use that knowledge to innovate solutions. Each client has a unique set of experience and reactions (from this and past lives), so the solutions will not be cookie-cutter in nature.

    Note that the POCs act as conditioned miniature GEs. The nature and interactions of those miniature GEs are fixed at the time of birth. A person on the surface of the Earth is further affected by the current positions of the GEs through the filter of the astrological field around the Earth (astrological transits). Thus, I propose that the causal factors of astrology are the GEs in this solar system together with the astrological field around the Earth (an artifact of the interactions of the Sun and Earth GEs). I know this doesn’t answer all of the questions, but it is a major step towards solving some problems that Jung was looking at.

  • Reincarnation: A thumbnail sketch. (In this post, I will provide a simple method to access your past life memories.) (In the next post, I will describe how to quickly find and analyze most types of psychological problems, using the astrological natal chart in combination with knowledge of the individual’s past lives.) As you know, reincarnation is the process of being born, living, dying, experience between lives, and being born again. At least hundreds of books have been written on this topic. According to the Qabalah, the lowest human POC that survives between incarnations is the Higher Self. The Higher Self retains the experience from each life lived, but the subconscious also has all past life memories that are relevant in some way to the current life. OK, so past life memories are present in the subconscious, but more importantly, so are the reaction patterns that formed as a result of all that experience. These reaction patterns are maintained by the subconscious in what I call “the warehouse”. There is much I could write about the warehouse and the reaction patterns it contains, but I’m trying to keep these posts brief. If there is interest, we can discuss more. One can enter the warehouse and interact directly with the subconscious and with the reaction patterns using astral travel and “Path Working”. To accomplish the type of Path Working required here, you need to use active meditation. Effective meditation, Path Working and access to past life memories are covered at

    I wish to emphasize a principle of perceptions: if you begin with beliefs or even strong preferences and try to perceive something, you will probably perceive what you believe or want to be there. This is a common problem that is well-known by psychologists and police investigators, and this is one of the most difficult problems to overcome when making nonphysical observations. I strongly recommend that you self-talk and/or use other methods to make your observations when you have no preferences. For myself, I say, “I don’t care what’s there.”, and I really don’t care until after I return to my body.

    Keep in mind that although a person’s POCs “belong” to him, those POCs exist on the specified LORs, not as constructs of the mind, but objectively, just as the physical body has objective existence. You can interact physically with another person’s physical body. When you have learned to interact with your own POCs, you can apply the same methods to interact with another person’s POCs . . . and enter their warehouse. Thus, you can “see” that person’s past lives in the same way that you can see your own. Of course, you should be ethical and only look that intimately at a person with their explicit informed consent.

    A related note: The LORs are teaming with life, most of which do not have physical bodies. Just as a kitten or lion may interact with your physical body, so do other beings (human or otherwise) interact with your POCs. This is one cause of some of the psychological “disorders”.
  • Astrology foundation: An overview. For thousands of years, people have kept track of correlations between movements in the sky and life on the Earth. They noticed twelve distinct periods each year with corresponding regions of the stars that we call constellations. The so-called fixed stars were their reference points. Today, our telescopes and time keeping allow us to be more accurate. The beginning of the astrological signs, zero degrees of Aries, is defined to be the the point where the Sun moves from the southern to the northern hemisphere, i.e. the northern hemisphere Spring Equinox. You can see that zero degrees of Aries is no longer the edge of the Aries constellation. In fact, it is clear that the distant stars have no correlation, i.e. astrological influence, with/on life on the Earth. Furthermore, the astrological signs are in the orbital plane of the Earth. For the present purposes, I will call this the astrological field. Since the Sun and the Earth are the only physically observable objects related to the astrological signs, I propose that the astrological field is an artifact of the interaction between the Sun GE and the Earth GE. I have made no observations that contradict this hypothesis. Applying the scientific method, looking for implications of this hypothesis to test, I propose that each planet in this solar system has its own astrological field corresponding with the astrological field around the Earth.

    The way I see it, the astrological field around the Earth is effectively a filter that modifies the GE influences experienced on the Earth. In that context, consider the Moon. The Moon is experienced by those on the surface of the Earth through the filter of the astrological field. Thus, the influences of the Moon appear to be external to the Earth. We will see that this caused the evolution of two POCs associated with the Earth GE.

  • I'm not getting any feedback here, so I'm going to post at a faster pace. If you ARE interested, you probably need to consider each post separately. I realize that each topic really deserves a book to make everything clear. If you would like more information about any of this, please let me know.

  • Great Entities: An introduction. (In this post, I show that the Tree of Life only applies to this solar system, and NOT to the Universe.) (In a later post, I will show that these are the causal factors of astrology and consciousness.) Many people consider the Earth to be a living being, not just a big rock. The Earth is in fact a Great Entity (GE). I took the term “Great Entity” from Dion Fortune’s book, The Cosmic Doctrine. A GE is a huge and complex conscious being, with its consciousness spanning from the upper Supernal LOR down to the physical LOR. Most people who are aware on nonphysical LORs have been aware of the Earth GE, with many of them interacting with it. For more in depth information, I recommend Dion Fortune’s book. The Moon is part of the Earth GE, not a separate GE. The Sun and the planets are GEs. Each GE has a unique nature. All of the GEs in this solar system influence everywhere in this solar system. The GE influences do not seem to obey the inverse square law, but I am not sure why, or how the GEs influence. The topic of the GEs probably deserves its own book.

    The Moon deserves some explanation. It is generally accepted that the Moon was formed either while the Earth was solidifying or by being scooped out of the Earth by a major impact. A clear indicator of this is the fact that the Moon always keeps the same “face” towards the Earth. If the Moon had been captured by the Earth long ago, it’s rate of rotation would not correspond so exactly to that of the Earth. So why does the Moon influence strongly and separately from the Earth? I’ll cover that in the next post.

    Notice the attributions of the GEs to the POCs on the Tree of Life. As I have stated here, and is verified repeatedly in astrology books, each GE has its own particular nature. Do astronomers observe that every solar system has a planet orbiting as Mercury does? No. Or Venus? No. And if there are planets with similar orbits to the planets of this solar system, those GEs are extremely unlikely to have the same natures. Thus, I conclude that the Tree of Life is specific to this solar system, having essentially no relevance to other solar systems.

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  • I want to begin with foundational topics and information that are familiar to more people: the LORs. (In later posts, I will show why human consciousness is distributed on the LORs as it is, and why it relates directly to astrological influences.) Modern science states the “fact” that only physical reality exists. Anything construed to be objective and nonphysical is considered to be an illusion or a lie. So according to modern science this reality has 3 dimensions plus time. But many people in the world know there is another dimension that is commonly characterized as having Levels Of Reality (LORs). The physical LOR is what modern science studies. That is the lowest LOR. The LOR immediately above the physical is commonly called the etheric LOR. The human aura and the subconscious Part Of Consciousness (POC) are on the etheric LOR. The lower astral LOR is next, having the two POCs that may be known as the intellect and the emotions. Above that is the upper astral LOR, having parts of consciousness that include what is known as the “Higher Self”. There are LORs above the upper astral, but they do not have common names. In short, parts of a human’s consciousness are distributed across all LORs, as explained in many of the books written by members of the Golden Dawn such as Dion Fortune (The Mystical Qabalah), Gareth Knight (Practical Guide to Qabalistic Symbolism) and Israel Regardie (The Golden Dawn). Many other authors have written about the LORs. Since modern science denies nonphysical LORs exist, it makes it difficult for mainstream psychologists to directly study any but the lowest part of consciousness. Thus, modern science contends that ALL consciousness is electrical and chemical (like Doctor House). As mentioned in my first post, my book, Science Restored, puts this misconception in historical context. LORs are discussed there as well. The Qabalistic Tree of Life contains several relevant pieces of the puzzle at hand. If anyone has questions or comments on any part of my posts, please respond. And if someone has done related research, I hope you will share so that we can collect more pieces of the picture.

    • Parts Of Consciousness (POCs) and the Tree of Life with LORs and astrological attributions: (In later posts, I will show that the Tree of Life is NOT a map of all consciousness as most claim, but is a map of human consciousness.) Humans have ten POCs, one for each Sephira in the Tree of Life. Think of the Sephira as the “home” of the associated POC. Each POC is usually at home. The Tree of Life is across seven LORs in three columns. For the present purposes, I will ignore the columns. I recommend you pull up a picture of the Tree of Life that includes the astrological “planet” attributed to each Sephira. The following are characteristics of the Sephiroth, using the Qabalistic names. Some POCs do not have easy descriptions, so no description is given.
      1. Malkuth: normal waking consciousness: the Earth: physical LOR
      2. Yesod: the subconscious: the Moon: etheric LOR
      3. Hod: the intellect: Mercury: lower astral LOR
      4. Netzach: the emotional/artistic/feminine: Venus: lower astral LOR
      5. Tiphareth: Higher Self: the Sun: lower-upper astral LOR
      6. Geburah: description omitted: Mars: upper astral LOR
      7. Chesed: description omitted: Jupiter: upper astral LOR
      8. Binah: description omitted: Saturn: lower Supernal LOR
      9. Chokmah: description omitted: Uranus: lower Supernal LOR
      10. Kether: the Spirit: no planet: top Supernal LOR

      The lowest POC, normal waking consciousness, is strongly affected by electrical and chemical activity in the physical body. Normal waking consciousness, when present, has primary control of the physical behavior. The influences of the subconscious, intellect and emotions on normal waking consciousness are observable in various ways. However, the POCs on nonphysical LORs are not physically accessible, and are often different than purely physical observations may indicate. For example, the intellect is not just a computer—it is more complex, including such things as attitudes and reactions. The nonphysical POCs are directly accessible using astral travel and Path Working in the Tree of Life. Effective techniques to accomplish this are presented in a later post. The point here is that human consciousness is composed of ten POCs, all but one of which are not on the physical LOR.

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