The ancient Romans did not take water, or the Deities, for granted. Every 23rd of July, when rivers and streams ran at their lowest and slowest level, they took a quiet holy day from business and left their homes for rustic shade. There they celebrated and sacrificed to Neptune, God of all waters. Prayers of gratitude and prayers to be free of drought were made on this day, along with libation to Neptune, drinking wine and spring water, playing games and celebrating. Prayer for them started with the phrase, "Be You God, or Goddess...." for reasons, I presume, of not wanting to offend, or to be ignored.


Neptune rules all waters, of course including the watery DEPTHS, realm of rare beauty, awesome rare beings, and increasingly, widespread and serious life-threatening human-caused devastation of water and all in it, and all who need to drink it.

Neptune is "home" now in Pisces, where Titan Typhon reeks havoc,and also for Neptune's brother, Pluto, troubled by Typhon in Capricorn. Chiron, mythological defender the environment is also in Pisces. This "Saturn day" the 23rd of July, Pisces Moon, Pisces Pallas Athena and Pisces Ketu ("Dragon's Tail"). Meanwhile, Mars in Scorpio Water trines Chiron. This looks to me like the year to again live Neptunalia, hopefully as a start to an annual day of celebration, gratitude and prayer.

Jung reminded us that "the Earth has a Soul." Neptune is all that Greek Poseidon is, plus more. Poseidon means "Earth embracer" and/or Earth's Husband, certainly ensouled as well. The Greeks believed that the Earth is surrounded by water, and a quick look at a map of Greece (or of Italy for that matter), shows that to be the case for the places that brought us our most popular astro-mythology (and the GMO-like 'conventional" keyword astrology. 

I'll be readying the space under my grape arbor tomorrow, Fria's day, for the special day the day after, so I won't be available to respond to comment (if any) in a timely manner.


May I respectfully suggest that for at least part of the 23rd, that you consider getting away from Titan's tech deVICES, out of your homes, and out of your heads. Mythological Neptune showed humans His displeasure when He wasn't paid for all that He did. What does one pay a God? Attention. Gratitude.

No corporate bank checks. No credit cards. No PayPal. No empty keywords, please. Neptune is a "Who" and not a "what," not a mere mental abstract word modified by abstract adjectives (per Zodiacal sign, etc)

Blind Willie Johnson (who's music was launched into space) probably never heard of Neptune, or Poseidon, likely never saw the sea, or heard it. Nonetheless, he wrote and sang that God is in the middle of the ocean, and that "God, God don't ever change. He's God. Always will be God." True Dat. Neptune was, is, will be, eternally, like His Eternal Love for Earth, and for Water. 


Dale O'Brien

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  • Good morning Dale - I am not an astrologer nor ancient mythology wise, however, Willie's words you share regarding beautiful to hear this morning...I am going to search for that song...thanks for sharing...Peace + Love Linda

    • Hello Linda,

      Please excuse my delayed reply. I'm glad that you share my appreciation of Blind Willie Johnson's lyrics for "God Don't Ever Change." You might also listen to his "Soul of a Man" and/or "God Moves On the Water." The later is about the sinking of The Titanic. Mythologically, God as Neptune provides water to humankind. The modern exploitation of water with a God-lesssense of superiority leads to tragedy. Neptune blesses humans with clean river water, such as the Hudson River adjacent to New York City. The Titanic Promethean actions pollute it. Hurricane Sandy came as a warning from God as Neptune, it seems.

      In Kindred Spirit,


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