Blessed be, Blessed Bees!

TOGETHER we have a deep alliance of psyche

that bee soul

TOGETHER we can make that honey 

that makes life worth living,

a life we can live in,

a life we can share together

We each fly alone in quest for Nature,

out and about the wide world,

searching high and low, far and wide,

seeking encounters with Beauty of all sorts,

while trying to avoid all the murderous, spreading psycho toxicity.

Somehow, now, we safely return,

sharing together whatever has touched us.

Our hive is alive!

Blessed be, Blessed Bees!

(Thanks everyone)

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  • Lovely, Dale! Is this poem yours? (Or should I say, "Are you this poem's...?) Thanks for sharing!

    • I'm glad you liked my words, Bonnie. 

      Thanks for all that you do,


      (whose phone is not as "smart" as others)

This reply was deleted.