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I am in the process of starting a Carl Jung Reading Group for laymen.  I am a layman too, so that's only appropriate.  This group is not really my target audience, since you all already know more than I do (probably), but I thought it would be worthwhile to mention it here.  

My thought is that Dr. Jung's work is not well enough known among non-therapists, so this will be my small effort to do something about that, in a rather informal way.  If I attract one or two others to read and study Dr. Jung's work, I will be happy.  I am using the MeetUp platform, in order to attract an on-site group in the Annapolis, Maryland area, but I am also planning to Periscope the sessions to the world.  My Periscope ID (iPhone App and on computer) is @Skip_Conover.  The first session will be 8:15 p.m. this coming Monday, July 11, 2016.  It will probably take me a few minutes after that to get the Periscope functioning.  The live session will be announced on my Twitter timeline @skip_conover, and you can always go directly into Periscope.  

You will be able to make comments and ask questions in text to me, but the video on Periscope goes only 1 way.  I will certainly welcome any comments or suggestions you may make from afar.  Who knows? Perhaps you will be inspired to do something similar in your area.  The more the merrier in my view! 

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