In case anyone needs a little guidance, it's simple to change the default image of Carl Jung which currently represents you if you haven't substituted something new.

Simply go to your "My Page". On the top left right under the current (Carl Jung) photo, you will see an option to "Manage my photo". Click on "photo".

A new screen will open and at the top is the current photo with a box next to it that says "Upload a Photo". Click on the Browse button there and you can go into your computer files and pick anything you like - a photo of you or an image you like. (*BE SURE TO SCROLL DOWN AND HIT "SAVE"--you won't see the photo change until you do!)

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ping me by sending me a message (Go to my page at and click "Send Message" near the top left (under my profile photo icon).

BTW-- If you have uploaded your personal photo by simply going to the "Photos" section and "adding" it there, that photo gets dumped into the main stash of photos and will show up in the Photos section as well as lower on your "My Page"--but it will NOT replace the Carl Jung icon. You must do that by following the directions I just outlined above....

Good luck! Looking forward to having more diversity of images (Thanks, Thom!)


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