Just starting today, we'll begin reading Jung's Red Book together and share impressions, reactions, favorite quotes, whatever . . .  Although many of you have already read the book, this will give us all the opportunity to delve into the material more deeply as a group.  Hope you'll join us!

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  • Hello Tamara, sounds wonderful. Just let me know what I need to do, where I need to sign up, or anything else to put me on the right path! Lilan
    • Hi Lilan,


      Welcome to Red Book Buffs.  Glad to have you on board!  To join the group, just click on its icon under GROUPS. When you type a response to one of the conversation threads (either under Discussion or the below listed responses), you will be asked to join the group.  Looking forward to any responses you feel inspired to share about the first 10 pages of the Red Book.  We'll more on to the next 10 pages next week!



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