Bonnie Bright defended her Dissertation at Pacifica Graduate Institute today Dec. 12, 2014. The title is "Culture Collapse Disorder: Ecopsychopathy, Exile, and the End of Home."

As someone who worked as an entomologist for 20 years, I am especially intrigued by her topic and will love to read her Dissertation about the similarities between Colony Collapse Disorder that is devastating honey bees in many areas and our own cultural collapse. You can read her abstract here.

Congratulations, Bonnie! Your accomplishment is inspiring!

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  • I just read your abstract Bonnie and am continually amazed about all that you create and deliver for the benefit of the bees, the DPA community and the planet.  Your refreshing and inspiring!  I look forward to your webinar and book[s] for you have much to offer and connections with you are always thoughtful.  Peace + Love Linda

  • Bonnie, what I find inspiring about you is that you are always enthusiastic about inspiring others to spread out and expand their understanding. Congratulations on your achievement.

    "You can read her abstract here."

    I wanted to read this but the link didn't work.

    • My apologies, Randy. Please try this link:

      • ‘Culture Collapse Disorder refers to how the wounded relationship between culture and nature has affected our modern mindset, contributing to disorientation, despair, and the collective loss of connection to an archetypal sense of “home.” ’

        This wounded relationship occupies a lot of my consciousness. As an avid backpacker, I feel that my expanding connection to nature is contrasted with the sense that our (global) culture has disengaged itself from the planet it needs and on which it has always depended as culture has evolved.

        Thank you for the link, Jacqueline. The abstract is incredibly intriguing.

      • Thanks, Randy, and everyone, for your interest, and Jacqueline—for the follow up on the link. I should have done it myself—but, AND, I'm now on to the most not-so-fun part. Making all the edits to the manuscript after it's gone through the proofing process at :acifica. Uggh! Well, it's a good opportunity to integrate it... :) 

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          I resonate with the "Uggh"!  but we all know the rest is just a formality.  Please let us know when we can begin calling you "Dr. Bonnie"!!!!

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    I'm with Esther!  When can we expect the first webinar????  count me in!!!!!

  • Woot! :)
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    Sorry -- I just found this posting about Bonnie.  In our indigenous culture, may I extend a hearty "Tumeke" to you Bonnie (loose translation.... "Well done!", "good on 'ya!", Bravo!"., "molto buona",  "brillante!")

    I've always considered our Bonnie to the Bright-est star in the entire Depth Psyc constellation. (if this play on names is overused, please forgive).

    Jacqueline, as a RPF (prof forester with a huge inclination toward forest entomology) for 18 years, I too, am intrigued at her topic of choice.  Eco psychopathy is a fascinating term in and of itself -- rife with expectation and innate brilliance.  I've read heaps about the CCD in Apis mellifera -- and am particularly intrigued how our dandy Dr. Bright may have drawn precise correlations to humanity and the decline of Homo erectus.  Can't wait until her dissertation becomes public.

    Thanks for the update, Jacqueline! 

  • Hearty congratulations to you, Bonnie. :)

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