Any of these questions from tonight's call resonate with you?

  • How do you desire to use your experience with Depth Psychology to create more fulfilling work?
  • What are you encountering as relates to your calling, vocation, career, or your work in the world?
  • What are you doing (or want to do) to discover or express your particular genius?
  • What challenges do you face around discovering or building upon your call, vocation, or career?
  • How might the Alliance support you in crafting your ideal vocation?

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  • JAN 13, 2016 DREAM:

    9142525885?profile=originalI am standing on unknown land at a DPA Camp and working on the making of a mailbox made out of white cardboard to receive letters when the mingling of the white folds into the dark and the my photo image “Going Into the Deep Woods" flashes followed by a flash of my photo image of The Black Hole [VOID].


    How awesome is the collective consciousness where simply the intent of the offering for support to me is reassuring enough that I dreamt!    Peace + Love Linda

  • JAN 10, 2016 – 1ST POLLINATOR FOCUS GROUP: Crafting Your Calling:

    Hi Dorene – wanted to respond to your email sooner and then, an email came in regarding Jesse and I was beside, out-side and beyond myself…surprised regarding the sensitivity, depth of mourning I experienced…unable to respond till today.  I remain grateful Jesse befriended me last summer…our virtual conversations were few and far between…his words, presence within DPA community touched me more deeply than I could have known in his living years…and now with my mourning experience…I know virtual relations, community…has depth potential beyond words, time and space…matters of soul remain limitless…phenomenal…

    Perhaps we can pay homage to Jesse by engaging [interacting] within small pollinator focus groups within DPA that encompasses his passion for his PhD was all about “community.”  When I joined in 2012, I was searching for the source of a resource I utilized throughout my PhD – Levels of Conversation, however, to date… this resource source remains a mystery, so I placed this matter within a Blog by the same name along with the development of moral ethics I worked on in my PhD process…both await feedback…

    For me and since sweetheart month [February 2015], there has been an increase in anomalous, phenomenal experiences…which at times… overwhelm, humble me so, I venture to find human connection and support to dialogue… in-depth with other “sensitive’s” who also may have an interest in exploring our personal experiences within the context of our own plus the latest research regarding near-death experiences [NDE – story of Margaret Bentley Blog – In the Presence of a Spoon]], deep diving into the depths [5th level of conversation + development of moral ethics], sense perception [is there a 10th sense as some authors suggest?] and core healing utilizing the Themes of Grief [Blog]

    How fortunate I have been to live to celebrate 50 years within the helping professions. – service career in critical care and counselling surrounding traumatic stress and bereavement.  Nursing was my bread + butter job that provided me with the financial means to obtain a PhD and establish, sustain a small service:, projects… currently a 3rd trial named “Silver Lining Core Healing.” 

    I have joined many activities and groups for the past 3 years and am looking for a small, more open-ended group setting…a virtual space, place with virtual friends who are willing to provide me with some support [encouragement] and feedback… as I dare venture to go deeper into some of the anomalous experiences I have been privileged to survive…my blogs yield little feedback which surprises me.  Peace + Love Linda   

    • Hi Linda,

      I finally had a chance to read your message. I am not a great reader, I must say--I love the idea of books, but I'm very visual. This has been a barrier for me with anyone's blogs, and I suspect others may suffer the same thing. When I started The Twilight Zone and Encountering the Numinous "groups" on the Alliance, I found that people would go there only when they had a particular experience that energized their curiosity.

      When I read your messages, I am struck by how thoughtful and deeply resonant they are. It is clear to me that you have been and continue to be gifted in your healing work with others. Your desire for a small, intimate, ongoing group is completely reasonable, and I think you are ideal to facilitate it. (That is, your innate kindness, sensitivity to nuance, and expertise in the area of trauma and all that it often opens up in people.)

      As I have engaged with our members around the world, there are many who are in remote areas like yourself who joined the Alliance because they don't have anyone locally to engage with on these intimate issues. Have you considered putting a call out on the Alliance for people who would like to form a support, or depth "mastermind" group, or discussion group to share and interact on issues that interest individuals in far-flung parts of the world? We have almost 5,000 members, so I must imagine that there are 3-6 who feel isolated and would be very interested. The key would be for you to craft your "offer" or posting in a very clear way to define what the group would be (and what it would NOT be)--it must be a group that meets your needs.

      Your Internet situation is a challenge. I don't recall what-all the problem is, but I think you said you cannot get consistent video access. I don't know how to solve that, but if you are in a remote geographic area, I think taking whatever steps are necessary to give you consistent access to the world at large would be vitally important. No?

      I know that you have taken many steps over the last three years, so I don't want to offer "pop" solutions. But I think there MUST be a way that you can both meet your needs and support others (which I know is part of your calling). What does this sound like to you? Write me back, and lets continue to strategize on a way forward.

      In any event, thank you for who you are in the world. I am certain that the frequency at which you are vibrating is rippling out in a profoundly positive way. If you haven't read about it, Google the story of the Rainmaker by a guy named Wilhelm. He was a friend of C.G. Jung's, and his story in the early 1900's deeply affected Jung's work.

      XO, Dorene 

      • Good evening Dorene – always grateful to and thank you kindly for your words of engagement and encouragement…time for me to scribe an offer, to form and for me to facilitate an intimate, ongoing small group…I did believe these more in-depth conversations I am interested in participating in would have occurred in your “Encountering the Numinous Group” …which you facilitate…but alas that has not transpired. Yet…and perhaps, once I do scribe the small group idea…goals…you can advise me further how to launch it and where within the DPA community…my Blogs have been good for me to get out there...launch…but has not been ”interactively” fruitful…which is what I truly do need…the support, feedback, and encouragement to venture more deeply into my interior…to those matters arising from my depths…my true life NDE experiences…my life’s work… intimate safe container with sensitive others…experiential posed with...beside the new research…muster more courage so I can dive more deeply into those sacred places and spaces...void of language…recollections of true feelings,  images and experience survived...arisen out of my depths [others know this too] strange state recalls … push the boundaries… beyond alexithymia …probe deeper into that which remains in the residuals of trauma response…NDE…out-of-body…deeply embedded imprints, blueprints…core encoding fragmented + partially amnesic memories… state-dependent...images…sensing…now highly much mystery… unconscious  now subconscious with some profoundly affective but potent... recall of survived altered states…so mystical, spiritual, supernatural, phenomenal…too much to endure alone but knowing I am not lonely…permission to share and speak in the now...the flip side of the tenants of existential angst...

        Like your words “depth mastermind group” and “far-flung” and would like the participants within this prospect small group to select the name…I have been calling this material “photoooetic megamomentaries”…

        My Internet limitations remain broadband issues for which there is no current solution…I am unable to participate in webinars as the signal is simply too weak to sustain the video part, but I do have unlimited long-distance phone service, so teleconferencing and emails are my current connection options.  There is a future plan by Telus to install an antenna in our area, and then, I will be able to get an affordable plan with unlimited internet…hopefully this will happen in my living years…

        I will look up Rainmaker by Wilhelm…thanks for I love the song “Let It Rain” which I listened to and inspired me in my personal healing journey where I actually got to that place called “Time Zero” so unbelievably awesome…the peace I felt within…

        That’s it for this evening…perhaps someone else has something new, else to say…add…Peace + Love Linda 

  • Thank you for allowing me to be part of the conversation on Tuesday.  Such a great beginning, diving into the depths re calling and purpose!

  • It was such a great call to be a part of Dorene! Thank you for leading us and beginning this important conversation. I wanted to just make myself present here and let people know I am excited to engage further.

    Personally, I am exploring ways that we can use entrpreneurship to engage the feminine, sustainability, creativity and intuition to create new ways of being participants in the economy. This includes revisioning the economy itself, and inquiring about gift economies of scale.

    I look forward to hearing others responses!
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