As Depth Psychology Alliance evolves, we are moving more intensively toward focusing our mission on serving the wider community as an incubator--both for individuals wishing to deepen into soul, as well as for those professionals pursuing depth psychology as a vocation. 

What do you think about our direction?

How does this appeal to you, and what does the mean for you in your own life, either personally or professionally? What kinds of offerings would you expect to see for incubating?

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  • Bonnie, I wouldn't know exactly how to bring this information to the public, but the wealth of material at the disposal of this community would do the world much good. I'm excited (and also somewhat ambivalent) about your making Depth Alliance open to the public and this is certainly one way to do it, the beginning of welcoming folks into a new way of looking at their world.

    "...I do believe that any potentiality for individuals to become more conscious of the conditioning that works beneath the surface of our awareness is good."

    I am honored to be a part of the community that is involved with this effort.


    Image:  The Egg/Chick - NATURE verses NURTURE CONTROVERSY

    I have a variety of graduate academic thesis - dissertation - fellowship roads, threads, memories of spending a good deal of time contemplating variations of the undeniable, disputable ‘nature of the person’ question posed to graduate students by our professors, colleagues complete with their personal bias and leanings towards their own areas of interest, research and areas of expertise. 

    The question my professor, Dr. John D’Aboy posed to our graduating class was, “Are humans born with a good, neutral or evil nature?”  I have repeatedly revisited my work and simply notice I currently lack interest, not am I inclined to revisit this controversy, from a natural nature perspective, except to share that your choice of words “incubation” and “vocation” are of interest to me personally and professionally at this time, although limited to a focus upon trauma impact and the supernatural, spiritual realms that comes from my own personal learning/healing journeys completed to date, core morals, values + beliefs and current service less need to study mind-body therapies and more interest in pursuing the supernatural, spiritual dimension of Triune beings.

    As per usual, I did a brief Goggle search and these are the articles that came to me that I will check out alongside my on-going study of current research into NDE and the Pineal gland:

    1. Nature verses nurture
    2. Ontogeny
    3. Evolutionary developmental biology
    4. Potentiality and actuality
    5. Morphogenetic field
    6. Rupert Sheldrake - parapsychology, [5] known for his "morphic resonance" concept

    I have mentioned this before but love to reaffirm my milestone - retired from 50 years of service in the ‘regulated’ helping professions and keen, interesting in depth diving more into the mysteries [silver cord] and mystic women, so when I read the above articles I will be searching for the words, threads and wisdom gleamed + leaning towards women’s lives continuing with in the context and themes inherent in trauma impact and the supernatural, spiritual dimension + realm of being. 


    Not sure if I answered either of your last questions posted to the membership, Bonnie or Mark and this is where I am at.  I am willing to serve always towards the healing of traumatic bereavement with respect for the sacred.  You both can decide if I can be of more specific service other than my current contributions within the DPA community.  Peace + Love Linda

    Parapsychology is the study of alleged psychic phenomena (extrasensory perception, as in telepathy, precognition, clairvoyance, psychokinesis, a.k.a.…
    • Thanks, as always, Linda, for your thoughtful response. I am also fascinated by the topics of study you mention. In some ways, I think "incubation" and "vocation" are intimately and inevitably tied to trauma these days--as most of us with any depth psychology background or training at all will probably be called (or called upon) to help shepherd so many who are traumatized (or will be) by the events going on in our culture and on our planet today. There will always be a need for some of us to address the traumatic bereavement of "what we have done to ourselves".... So appreciate your willingness to engage.

  • I suppose there's a lot of events and thinking going on at some isolated and deeply personal level, a lot of mental processing going on where we just occasionally see that processing at its rough stage. More often we are allowed by other people to see outcomes or something that is almost an outcome or a formed opinion. I'm bad at keeping my mouth shut (or my hands away from the keyboard), so here goes another one.

    Perhaps at some point in time the Jungian or, why not, some other deeper, wiser, or more complete approach would most efficiently beat (or fail to beat) other ideas in the realm of facts and efficiency - this is the policy (therapy, conversation...) and these are the results.  - Nancy Cartwright - Wiser Use of Social Science, Wiser Wishes, Wiser Policies - There are more Youtube videos with the same or similar titles (and more views) and this one has a very poor audio quality, but I just love it as a whole (including the questions afterwards).

    • Looking forward to watching the video, Aleks, and thanks for caring enough to post it. On my end, while I don't think Jungian psychology (or even depth psychology, which I view as much more encompassing that even Jungian psychology) is ever possible to be the ultimate solution for the plight of humankind, I do believe that any potentiality for individuals to become more conscious of the conditioning that works beneath the surface of our awareness is good. Reading articles and viewpoints from others' perspectives helps me do that, and I try to do (a lot of) that, but the hope is that I can ultimately get out of the way of my own (ego) self and allow something new that I couldnt perceive or allow tot take root. Some days this seems more rational and believable than others, of course!

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