Dream Group starting in the Bay Area!

Dreamscape Exploration Through Art and Meditation

Dreams carry an inner knowing, an innate sensibility, and an element of potency that affords each of us the capacity to open to the depths of our own experience. When we tend a dream, images come “awake,” imagination is animated, and we participate in life more fully rooted in the way of the dream.        

-Stephen Aizenstat 

Do you have vivid and interesting dreams that you would like to explore further? Are you creative and open to trying new ways of self-exploration? Are you willing to dive deep and allow the dream world to be a bridge between your conscious and unconscious mind? 

In Exploring the Dreamscape we will be delving deep into the unconscious and uncovering the hidden messages in our dreams. The focus will be on dream-tending, meaning “listening deeply to the voices of the dream images themselves as they come forward to offer their insights and perspectives” (Aizenstat, 2003). Participants will come into relationship with the images in their dreams, bringing them to life and encountering them in creative ways. Although, visual art will be the primary art-form used in the group, participants will also have the opportunity to journal, write poems, and use movement as a way to gain insight to their dreams. Ritual and meditation will be incorporated as well, bringing a spiritual element to the group. 

Third Thursday of Every Month

First Group April 21st, 7pm-9pm

702b Harrison Street, Berkeley, CA

$15 pre-sale/ $20 drop-in


Visit www.wisdomhearthealing.com for more information. 


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