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UPDATE: LISTEN to an audio replay of the Online Event HERE

Check out the Submissions Gallery for the DroughtAction Online Panel Discussion and Community Conversation (Takes place September 22). We have some beautiful art, poetry, essays, and interviews all pertaining to the topic of "drought"

Huge thanks to all our contributors. Please attend the conversation on September 22 so we can honor them and discuss the archetypal (and literal) ways that drought is influencing you!

Painting by Stephen Lindsteadt


For Psychological Awakening
Song: "Cool Clear Water" 
"Sons Of The Pioneers"
—David Hoffman (OR)

Light Geyser @ Pacacua River
Children’s Myth # 71 
—Willi Paul (CA) 
2 Poems:
"Summer of Fire I, II"
PDF - download
—Sean Arthur Joyce (B.C.)

WTF - Water Task Force
(curated news feed)
Patrick Horn (CA)

Invocation of Rain
Macedonian Folklore 
Oj, dodole (Rajna Spasovska) Video 
—Aleksandar Malecic
—Linda Buzzell and Craig Chalquist
PDF - download
—Lindsey Geiger 
3 Poems + 3 Paintings
"No Place for Refugees"
PDF - download
—Stephen Linsteadt (CA)

"Drought, or the wasteland"
PDF - download
—John C. Woodcock (Down Under)

Illustration + Essay
"Archetypal Ecology"
PDF - download
—Becca Tarnas
"Singing for Rain"
PDF - download
—Wolfgang Somary
Video: Fracking
"Water ON FIRE"
—Megan Hollingsworth




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  • Can other artists submit work for this show? I have been an exhibiting artist fo 25 years, and am a member. I have a studion in Pacifica. Thank you. Looks like a great show....
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