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Dear Depth Psych Community, I was wondering if anyone knows of any environmental law/justice based internships for a law school applicant. I am currently finishing my Master's in Depth Psychology, and applying for law school for fall admission. I know there is lots of work being done with regard to ecopsychology, and liberation psychologies and ecologies that might be connected to this community. I am returning to the Bay Area in California from a 6 month research appointment in Borneo examining freshwater management policy in January. Any ideas are much appreciated. Thank you for all of your thoughts and consideration! John

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  • Hi John. Not sure you can hop over to England for this conference, but maybe there is some info around it that would be interesting for you:

    10th Global Conference Environmental Justice and Global Citizenship
    Friday 8th July – Sunday 10th July 2011, Mansfield College, Oxford
    Call for Papers - Responding to Justice and Citizenship Issues
    For further details about the project please visit:
    For further details about the conference please visit:
  • John: You may want to check the Gordon and Betty Moore foundation (http://www.moore.org/). Globally, they do Environmental Conservation and offer grants and intitiatives in Marine Conservation, Andes-Amazon, and work with Wild Salmon. I know they do land conservation and science learning specifically in the Bay Area (among other things). I don't know if they offer internships, but it wouldn't hurt to try and talk to someone there. I know someone who used to have a contact there...but alas, I inquired and it seems that person moved on a couple of years ago.

    Another potential option where I do have a contact is RealChange Network (http://www.realchange.com) which bills itself as Business Innovation for People and Planet - might be slightly outside your present focus, though.
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