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Hi all. We have some exciting upcoming teleseminars and conferences from Assisi Institute. As well, we're currently taking applications for our ongoing training programs, Hope you can join us for some of these great events.


9 month Dream Patterning Analyst program

2-year Archetypal Pattern Analyst program.

Monday March 11: FINAL in the Series "Corporate Patterns for Creative Transformation"-->"Setting the Conditions for High Performing Innovation Teams" with David Kuehler

Thursdays for 4 weeks starting March 14: Archetypal Perspectives in Clinical Practice with Dr. Michael Conforti (FIRST WEEK IS FREE!)

Mondays for 4 weeks starting March 18: "In Search of Soul and Spirit: Redefining Meaning in the Second Half of Life" with Jim Hollis, Dr. Michael Conforti, and Kayleen Asbo (FIRST WEEK IS FREE!)


Also, join us for our March conference on the Marie-Louise von Franz Seminars in Brattleboro, VT or our conference on Dreams in May and our Italy conference in July.

Details/Registration here: or email us at

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