"Food Forest = New Nature" - eBook #39. Works in New Mythology, Permaculture and Nature. 2009 - 17. Willi Paul Studio / Planetshifter.com


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When does "design with Nature" turn into "re-designing Nature?"

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Food Forest = New Nature

a r t i c l e s

Nature VR and the New Mythology

Climate Archetypes and Our Emerging Urban - Nature Artifacts

Connecting Nature with Symbols and Gratitude - Vision for Children

Nature is not a Ritual - Online Roundtable Topic

"Nature Points a Gun at Our Heads" - Drought Archetypes and Symbols

Nature is Forgiveness - Mantra

"The Tree Pod Community" - Resilience with Nature in the Permaculture & Transition Era

The Permaculture Catalyst: Nature Symbols, Songs, and Stories for New Mythologies in the Sustainability Age

Instinct + Paranoia = Resilience? Climate change, species extinction and terrorism in the Chaos Era

Garden of Eden 2.0 - The Permaculture Food Forest Mythic Promise

"Christmas Trees for Sale: Dead or Alive" - Our Disrupted Mythology

"WILDpermaculture" - Mixing ReWilding and Permaculture with Symbols. Lesson Plan

v i d e o s

"Relentless Resistant Resilient: Exploring Sustainability in Technology & Nature" - Children's Edu-Video + Questions. New Myth #95

"Leopard Noise" - What happens when we use sound samples instead of human speak in Nature cartoons?

Permaculture Symbols 2. A Video for Kids with Eyes of Steel and Overflowing Feet!

Sedona Spells: Kid's Nature Cartoon. Video Short

Center of the Cloud - Permaculture as the New Unifying Model for Human - Nature. Video.

i n t e r v i e w

"Sacred Trees and Refuges" - Interview with Rachel S. McCoppin, Author of The Lessons of Nature in Mythology

n e w  m y t h s

Noah's honey rust fortress ("junk yard permaculture).  New Myth #21


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