For a limited time, you can download "Beauty Without Nature: Re-Imagining the City" by James Hillman from BetterListen.

In this thought provoking recording, internationally recognized Jungian teacher and theorist James Hillman, Ph.D., author of The Soul’s Code and Re-Visioning Psychology, proposes the 21st Century’s “new urbanism”, one that integrates city and nature into a harmonious whole.

Says Hillman: “We are running out of nature! What beach isn’t marred by tar and plastic: what river not bordered by campers and vans: what National Park not become a trailer park?… Even the night sky fades because of light pollution and birdsong drowns in the traffic’s roar. Yet we still go to nature for a beauty that restores the soul. The wall between city and nature must come down…”

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Running Time: 85 minutes
ISBN: 978-1-61544-024-5

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  • When I pressed on the link, the page I was brought to included a fee of $1.99. Not very much, I'll grant you, but it isn't free.
    • Thanks for the note letting everyone know, Kevin. Sounds like the "limited time" offer has run out.

  • Thanks for sharing Bonnie.  Take care, Nance

  • It's not too much a stretch to talk here about what is interesting (not just beautiful) and what is boring. Urban areas are known for creative scenes, for people (both creative individuals and audience) pushing each other in new directions. It's easier to imagine a change or new direction in a dynamic environment. ACTIVE imagination is something very different to define, but, as much as I understand an apply it in my life, is about making your inner life more interesting than anything you can see on TV, about perception of inner dynamics and working on and with it. Perhaps things are falling apart in the environment, but historically we live in potentially interesting times when we can see imagination through a prism of rationality. From this point of view these times are neither good nor bad, they simply are.

  • Thanks Bonnie, that was helpful.
    I faced the same problem and your intstructions worked.
    • Awesome! Thanks for the feedback, Kusum.

  • I was not pleased to be asked for my detailed personal contact information before I could receive my "free" download. I would not have expected such a maneuver from a Depth Psychology recommendation, I don't care how common it is to "mine" for contact information. I would have gladly paid for it rather than feeling hoodwinked. I will accept no more such offers.

    • Sorry you were unhappy, Geoffrey, but as you point out, in today's world, it seems virtually impossible to get anything that is truly "free." Not everyone will be bothered by entering their email and address, so hopefully those who are not can benefit. I saw the offer this morning and wanted to share it with the community--but it certainly is your choice whether to take advantage or not.

      Meanwhile, I'm sure if you wait a few days, the special offer will be over and you can still get it by paying full price once again--though I'm fairly certain you'll still have to enter your contact info then as well...

  • I too tried to download as this topic and its author are deeply interesting to me....however, nothing worked. So, next?

  • hi I went thru the process of putting it in my cart and completing the 2 step process but where how do I download?
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