Free Book for a Few

I would like to know whether my hunch is right.

I think that people who know there is more to the mind than surface personality are likely to appreciate the book I have written, which is a modern metaphor for the so-called hero’s journey.

I wish I could offer more, but for this moment I would like to send a free copy of The Book: A Novel Calling by Leo Nation to the first four people who send an address to my email: You can read the first two chapters of the book free by going to and clicking on the Kindle book cover to “Look Inside.” You will thus get a sense of the tone of the story, if not enough of it to see where it is going.

I just joined the Alliance, and I don't yet know how to use the tools properly. For the record, my pen name evolved as a function of the book, and my name is Gerald W. Landrum (Gerry). Thanks.

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