Hi everyone, 

In light of recent events at Isla Vista/UCSB as well as the hundreds of other gun violence incidents across the country and the world, I wanted to share/re-share some resources and discussion around the topic.

>First, if you haven't read Alliance board member Craig Chalquist's latest post "No Man Is an Island: Recognizing Gun Violence as a Cultural Symptom," you simply must take the time. It's an insightful depth psychological take on the problem

>Also, many Alliance members joined Jungian analyst, Dr. Michael Conforti, and me for a two-part teleseminar"Beyond Horror and Hope: The Archetypal Intersection of Innocence and Evil"-- which were exploratory conversations in response to the Sandy Hook Connecticut school shooting. We offered these in 2012 after the shooting in NewTown, CT, but I think they are still so relevant today if you want to listen to the archived recordings. 

>In January 2013, I interviewed depth psychology professor, Dr. Glen Slater, for Depth Insights radio podcast, The Roots of Mass Shootings: A Depth Psychological Look at Gun Violence in America, a conversation that touched on his 2009 article in Spring Journal, "The Mythology of Bullets."  You can find a link to the full article, courtesy of Spring Journal, on that podcast page.

>Finally, I mentioned some of my thoughts at that time in a short blog post on DepthList.com, "The Shadow of Society and its Role in Mass Shootings"

Please feel free to comment on any of these resources here, or share some you have come cross that you have found insightful or worthwhile.


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