“Heaven is a Compost Pile”
Interview with Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com 
by Marianne West, Sustainable Living Podcast.com (Audio + Transcript)

Excerpt from the Conversation:


Marianne: … so the gist of the story said a tree is growing and little saplings are coming up around that tree.  And that a child is seeing them and through a dream is kind of taught to take those saplings and plant them all over the neighborhood.  And so she goes back and it has become more of them and she plants them everywhere.  And they grow into big trees with beautiful fruit very fast.  And then the process continues.  And pretty soon we have a fruit forest, you know, all over for people to eat from and so forth.  So I would think that came out of a permaculture gathering, possibly?


Willi: Well, I would hope that folks see nature in a multitude of ways, one of which would be sacred.  That’s one of my charges, to say to folks that nature just isn’t a commodity, that it has a soul, and its soul is connected to us.  So we need to take care of nature, elevate that for our survival, you know?  Nature can help us with our survival, or we can kill it and we can die.

Heaven is a Compost Pile” – Podcast Interview with Willi Paul by Sustainable Living Podcast.com.pdf

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