Sharing what I think is a really important post from Michael Meade as we head into the US presidential inauguration this week. This really is a "must-read": Originally, the word inauguration meant: “to install and consecrate under good omens.” The time for an investiture would only be set after an augury or reading of the flight of birds revealed good omens for the occasion. In the modern world important dates tend to be set far in advance and the omens, good or bad, only become revealed as the day draws near. On the eve of the presidential inauguration there is more than politics involved and the omens do not look good. Rather than an occasion that ratifies the unifying sense of “we the people,” it is easy for people of good conscience to feel disheartened by the amount of resentment, hatred and division that has been stirred throughout the country. Not simply by the false promises that commonly come with political campaigns; but also by the flood of “fake news” and the use of authoritarian methods like the “big lie” that sadly increase the sense of betrayal of the public trust.... read the full essay from Michael here:

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