Sharing this interesting essay on 'work' and Hephaistos is the sacred Smith-god: "The Finer Forge: Work and the Fires of Transformation" by Jason E Smith via JSSS (Jungian Society for Scholarly Studies)

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  • Good evening Bonnie - this article caught my personal eye for my son is an lovely example of the finer forge - his work, passion and fires of transformation he literally and symbolically breathes and lives.  He is a welder by trade and blacksmith by passion.  I sent him this article and do share his fire-performance photo with you to enjoy with this article.

    Peace and love Linda

    • HI Linda. So glad you enjoyed. It's a fairly short piece and I also found it so visual and impactful. No matter each of our work in the world, it's very much the fire that forges us. It's wonderful to get the perspective from the author. Thanks for sharing, and how amazing that your son is in that line of work! They must be so few these days!

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