"Look at the USA. Look at all of the people who’ve taken psychology courses and look at the lack of psychology in our government, in our attitudes. We haven’t a clue. We go around the world as if there was no such thing as a psyche, no such thing as a soul. I mean, we bomb and exploit and take and kill as if this had no effect on the soul of our own people, let alone other people…I am worried about the soul of our country from the effects of what we do." -- James Hillman

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    yes.. and thanks to your wonderful video collection or an associated link therefrom I saw marie louise von franz all but saying Jung and Jungian psychology could not do much of anything to impact the madness going on within the world. Maybe madness is my interpretive take on her statement.  I seem to recall jung talking in terms of the irrational/unconscious human nature being predominant in the material world. The unseen forces of our untamed human nature dominates our worldly reality ... Taming the world begins with taming the individual. And the symbol like christ the tamer is an idealist/platonic force that is taming our world and civilization from within the Unconscious.. Well that assumes we apprehend God through our own psyche .... and of course we spirits in the material world... as Sting sings


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