“Join the Writers and Artists Online Roundtable: Visions 2040

6/1 – 23. Presented by Willi Paul, Planetshifter.com

“Imagine 2040: What can the future tell us now?”

Share your mind screens, eco-visions and community snap shots as we discuss visions for 2040. First, subscribe to our Google Group. Complete instructions for the event are in the Group Event Guide.

Next upload your creative submission by June 22. Please see DROUGHTaction (and companion artist gallery) as a template experience for this event.

Kindly contact Willi Paul (willipaul1 at gmail.com) with questions. There is no charge to participate.

: Roundtable Schedule:


+ Via the new topic option in the Google Group, each member will submit one or more: scenarios, lists, images, poems, sounds, songs, stories, new myths, including supplemental resources to share with the group.

+ Members are encouraged to review and offer comments on each other’s work prior to Live Day

+ The Google Group is transformed into a shared galley and project archive

- LIVE DAY: June 23 -
5:00 – 6:00 PM PST

Dial-in instructions are in the Google Group

Join the live discussion via conference call

+ Consider triggers, themes, movements, threat events in 2040
+ Possible solutions for 2016
+ Record and archive audio file
+ Evaluate tools, vision and process

Writers and Artists Online Roundtable - Visions for 2040.pdf

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